A few years ago I decided to start my Instagram business page after having achieved my goals on Facebook and Twitter; I started my page and made sure I do everything perfectly so I can get a steady stream of Instagram followers but alas, it didn’t work out; I tried to figure out where I went wrong and made an improvement but my posts rarely received more than 300 likes and less than 30 new followers each week before they disappeared beneath other posts. It was rather frustrating that even though I put so much effort and achieved success on Facebook and Twitter, I couldn’t perform well on Instagram. After suffering enough, I decided that I’ll try to buy Instagram followers from third-party sites.

Of course, I knew that the majority of such sites are petty scams but there is also a small number of genuine sites that offer real Instagram followers too, and after extensive research, I found a bunch of services through which you could take your Instagram business profiles to even greater heights.

The act of buying third-party followers isn’t prohibited either, it simply falls in a grey area and if you buy real Instagram followers, you won’t receive any type of ban or lose your account. So if you’re curious what are the best sites to buy followers on Instagram, then keep reading.

List of Best Sites to Buy Real Instagram Followers


Next, we have Get Viral, as its name suggests it’s a perfect place to go viral. Just like other websites on this list, Get Viral too will help you grow your Instagram account organically with only real and active users involved. They stay far away from bots and fake accounts, as they too believe that they can cause harm in the long term or ban your Instagram account. They are well known for their Instagram growth services, although they aren’t just limited to it they also offer services for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and so on.

Apart from that, they also offer a quality and satisfaction guarantee as they have full confidence in their hard-working team and high-quality services. And after buying their services you don’t have to worry about getting your account banned as they comply with the terms and conditions of different social media platforms. They don’t offer targeting options as the followers that you’ll get from them won’t be under their control, they will be following you out of their interest. The great thing about them is that they offer fast delivery, they will deliver your order within an hour.

And of course, no personal information will be saved or shared with any third party, as Get Viral payment gateway will let you pay through their SSL encrypted checkout.


Sometimes no matter how hard we try or how much we invest time in social media, reaching the right audience might get hard. Hence choosing a website that already has a vast network makes things easier. Views Expert may be a rather new website but still, they have already served over 1 million users. The strategies that have been used by them are already tried and tested so there is no chance that it will result in banning your account. Their approach is pretty simple to understand, with the use of a vast network of ad placements and websites, Views Expert boosts followers and engagement. Hence the people that will follow you will be following you out of their interest, and of course, they will interact with your content too.

Views Expert takes full guarantee for each and every package that they offer and in case you drop some followers or engagement, you don’t have to worry as they also offer 30-day redelivery. In case of any difficulty or query, they offer round-the-clock active support where you can consult about anything from pre-purchase to tracking your order.


Social Packages is one of those sites that provides exactly what they promise. Their main goal is to help businesses and influencers to stand out among all the competitors through their high-quality services.

Social Packages has been in this social media marketing industry for a long time, and since then they have many businesses and influencers to boost their presence on almost every social media platform with their reliable services and hard-working team. They even claim on their website that they have helped many celebrities with boosting their profile. And of course, they aren’t just limited to Instagram they also offer services for Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitch, and Tiktok.

For delivery, They take just 1-2 days to complete your order but sadly they don’t offer targeting options. With refill guarantee, premium-quality, 24/7 live support, and fast delivery, Social Packages comes under one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Their packages range from $2.50 (for 100 Instagram followers) to $105 (for 10,000 Instagram followers).


Yet another one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers is Viralyft, which will help you in getting the exposure that your Instagram account deserves. With the help of over 50 years of marketing experience, they ensure that they will help your profile to reach its full potential and give spark to social proof.

They offer a wide variety of packages, for Instagram you can buy services for followers, likes, views, comments, and Auto likes. Their follower packages range from $2.89 (for 100 followers) to $94.99 (for 10000 followers). Hence it doesn’t matter if you’re searching for just a small boost to start your new Instagram or an outsized campaign to push the engagement on your Instagram account. And if in case your goals or budget doesn’t align with their packages you can contact and ask them for a custom order. And just like many other sites in this list they too offer a 100% secure payment guarantee, as you’ll be paying through their SSL encrypted payment gateway.

Other than Instagram, they also offer services for Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. The best thing about them is their transparency which only a few websites offer, they actually let you submit your reviews or experience on their website.

However, if you lose your followers or engagement make sure you contact them within the 5 days of your purchase as they provide free refills only for the next consecutive 5 days of your last purchase, you can contact their active client support in case of any difficulties.


Next, We have Fastlikes, which provides real fans for your social media credibility and exposure. Although they are lesser-known but just like other big names they too offer real engagement and followers for any social media platform of your choice. Till now they have served over 4,000 customers.

Fastlikes also ensures their clients that they won’t lose any followers. And in order to keep their customers satisfied their hard-working team keeps on optimizing their services on the regular basis. Plus, they are totally safe as you can make payments with an encrypted transaction system.

For Instagram, they offer services for followers, likes, views, comments, targeted engagement, automatic packages, and much more. They offer a lot of options for every kind of service, hence we are sure that you’ll find something that will align with your goal and your budget. For Instagram followers they offer options to target your audience on the basis of country and age, you can also opt for an automated followers package where you’ll receive followers daily for 1 month. Sadly they don’t offer instant delivery, instead, they will deliver your order gradually.

And if you have any query or difficulty you can contact their customer support as they are active 24/7, you can also ask them about the status of your package.


We have Famups, a social media marketing company that does an awesome job to drive traffic to your social media profiles with the help of digital round maps and advanced methodologies. Famups try their best to cater to their customer’s needs without causing them any difficulty. They are safe and reliable, as they strive to become one of the first choices for their clients. And to become the first choice for their client they make sure that they don’t use any bots or fake accounts instead offer authentic support and use organic marketing strategies. Apart from that they also offer on-time delivery, satisfactory results that will benefit their clients in the long run, and a safe mode of transaction.

Their website interface is pretty simple and easy to use, nothing that stands out but the quality of their services is what makes them stand out among other social media promotion service providers. Hence you should definitely check them out, they take 3-10 days on average to deliver your order.


Famoid is one of those companies that are trying their best to change people’s perspectives towards social media promotional services. If you’ll google for such services you’ll find hundreds and thousands of results but of course, most of them are scams. Which makes it hard to tell which website is genuine and which one is not but companies like famoid try to make things easier for their clients by being totally transparent. Famoid established in 2017 as a software development company, but then switched to social media services; of course, they still provide other essential software to its clients.

Famoid provides its amazing services for many social media sites including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook; Famoid offers more services for Instagram than for YouTube and Facebook and as you are looking for services for Instagram followers, you’ll have plenty of options available.

For Instagram, Famoid offers services for Likes, Followers, Video Views, Automatic Likes. Their pricing is also diverse and affordable as it starts at as low as $5.95 and it can go up to $300+.

The best part about Famoid is that they prioritize their client’s data security over anything else. And hence they offer secure payment methods that are PayPal and SafeCharge. They also give importance to reliability and instant delivery, they offer a 24/7 active support team who will provide instant solutions to any of your difficulties regarding their services. Plus, they also offer a full refund guarantee in case you don’t receive their services.


On the #12th spot we have Social Viral, which is well known for its affordable prices and high-quality services. Social-Viral provides all the assistance that you’ll need in order to increase followers and engagement on your Instagram account. Social Viral is a customer-centric company, hence they keep customer satisfaction above anything else.

And if in case you are not satisfied by the outcome you can contact their customer support, they will help you find a remedy for the same. And just like other sites on this list, shopping for engagement from them is unhazardous as they do not use any bots or automation tools instead the engagement and followers that you will get will be from real active users.

Social-Viral offers services for Instagram followers, views, likes, auto likes, and comments. Apart from 24/7 email support, they monitor your Instagram account for many weeks even after the completion of your order. Social-viral cannot guarantee the followers that you’ll get from them will stay, however, they’ll provide free refills per week. And apart from Instagram, they conjointly provide services for Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Mr. Insta

Let’s start this article with the most preferred website among Instagrammers and that is Mr. Insta, they have been working in this industry for 8+ years and have already served over 5,00,000 customers. It’s an excellent website that will let you boost your engagement for absolutely free. They offer these free followers through follow-for-follow services, which will let like-minded people come together to find and follow each other. And it takes just a couple of minutes to complete the process, you just need to login and activate the free plan. After that, you’ll be presented with Instagram profiles to follow, from which you can choose according to your interest and skip others.

They offer almost everything related to Instagram whether it’s about likes, comments, followers, targeted followers, views, and IGTV likes. They charge a decent price for all their packages. And no matter how big or small your request is, you can always contact their customer support. Other than that, they also offer services for YouTube, Pinterest, twitch, and so many other major social media platforms.

They are totally safe as the marketing strategies are tried and tested. If you are using Instagram for your small business or just new on Instagram and have a low budget then we recommend you try them out.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media is my personal favorite although they are too good to be true, they are actually offering what they promise. It’s a web-based Instagram growth software that will help you build real follower growth and engagement. They implement strategies that will result in pure organic growth by using artificial intelligence technology.

After you purchase their pack, they’ll request you to fill them up about your competitors, and once you provide them that information that they’ll need to target the right audience for you. they’ll start targeting and engaging with the audience who are actively engaging with your competitor’s post.

Now you must be wondering how do they engage with those people? Well, they have some automation tools which make it feasible for them to engage without spending hundreds of hours on Instagram. Their Mass Story Engager will drive a lot of engagement to your account as it will view up to 4,00,000 Instagram stories per day and automatically it will answer polls, quizzes, question boxes, and interact by voting in order to gain their attention.

Other than that with the help of Stellation Media one can also send mass direct messages. You can have 100% targeted growth as one can target the audience on the basis of hashtags, explore pages, location tags, and so on. But that’s not it, you’ll also own your social dashboard which will let you have full control over your growth, targeting, and settings, their dashboard features additional tools like mass DM, analytics, and much more.

Plus an assigned personal account manager will work on your goals. Sadly their plans are more on the pricey side but they are totally worth it, they offer three options from which you can choose according to your budget and needs.


Growthoid and Stellation Media are very much similar, as Stellation Media uses Artificial intelligence technology to engage while with Growthiod real people will be working on your account. Both these sites stay far away from fake accounts and bots. Growthoid will help you grow your Instagram account just like you would have done yourself. Although it’s surprising that they grow your account manually without using any automation tools.

Hence, unlike other social media growth websites, when you’ll buy their pack you won’t get a bunch of random followers instantly, instead, you’ll get fans gradually who will be interested in your content and will actually engage. And of course, you will feel that you can do what they are doing by yourself too but the thing is that their experienced and hard-working team has been in this market for a while now and as we all know that getting organic growth is time-consuming, plus, they offering you a guarantee, hence it’s better to rely on their services.

Once you’ll buy their package, They start creating a list of Instagrammers who seem interested in your niche, and then they target them manually, hence the followers or engagement that you’ll get from them will definitely be real and for the long term, as the users will only follow you when they are interested in your content. And to give peace of mind to their clients, They offer a full 14-day money-back guarantee. As they are working on your account manually, you will gain 800-1400 followers per month, as they will grow gradually.

And the best part is that they offer all this at affordable prices, they offer two packs, namely standard (costs $49) and premium packs (costs $99).


On #5 We have ViralRace, another great website that will help you expand your reach and grow your Instagram account. Till now they have satisfied over 20,000+ clients and helped in increasing 11.2 times engagement. Wondering how they work? ViralRace has a network of over 5,00,000 real users and when you buy their pack they put your content in front of them so that whoever is interested in your content can interact, hence they will be following and engaging out of their interest. With ViralRace you’ll have an option to get instant or gradual delivery.

And just like other websites on this list ViralRace too offers flexibility as you can buy as small as a package of 100 followers and as big as a package of 10,000 followers. Apart from that, they also offer a high retention rate and 24/7 active customer support.

Audience Gain

Audience Gain is yet another one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers, wondering why? Because of its approach. Audience Gain analyzes your account, followers, audience, popularity, and engagement in order to find the most relevant followers who will be genuinely interested in your profile. And hence they create custom campaigns for their client and each campaign is diverse.

But the only negative point is that they don’t guarantee retention as they believe it totally depends on your content and nor do they follow replacement policy. After you are done placing your order they take the first 48-72 hours to analyze your account and you’ll start seeing followers or engagement starts rolling in after 72 hours (Otherwise they guarantee to return all your money back). Audience Gain tries to satisfy their clients to their best capacity. Hence, they offer 24/7 active customer support and also have a separate contact number for queries regarding billing options and refund alone.


Gaining a large number of followers on any social media platform is hard but not when you have iDigic to support you because iDigic can make those hard things appear too easy through its excellent services.

iDigic is where you go if you wish to gain a lot of followers on Instagram since iDigic is renowned for offering custom Instagram follower packages to its customers and iDigic is only focused on providing services for Instagram. iDigic provides 3 types of Instagram services including Instagram followers and their pricing start at $1.49 which is quite cheap.

With iDigic you can also choose between high-quality followers and super-quality followers; our recommendation is Super quality followers since it was the one I tried and found to be of better quality than high-quality followers. iDigic also offers a detailed report of the Instagram followers when you buy Instagram followers from iDigic and it will keep you updated throughout the entire process.


On the 15th spot we have AIGrow and I think AiGrow is far better than Famoid in providing Instagram followers, but AiGrow isn’t just a platform where you can buy Instagram followers, and it can even help you in managing your Instagram page. This is why AiGrow is a highly recommended platform if you’re an Instagram influencer or if you’re running an Instagram Business Page.

AiGrow uses artificial intelligence and machine learning within their services so that you can target your audience, streamline your operations, and also boost your overall revenue.

With AiGrow you can avail a team of Instagram experts to manage your scheduling, reposting, automated DMs; that’ll make it easier for you to manage your page and grow it in terms of engagement; AiGrow’s AI algorithm targets your audience based on their locations, hashtags, and popular Accounts. AiGrow is so confident about their methods that they even promise that their team will work without charging you anything if they fail to achieve the set number of followers.

AiGrow is one of the most expensive Instagram services on this list but I think if you can afford them, you should definitely give them a go; and! They offer a free trial if you’re curious about their services.


In the world of third-party Instagram services, there is not a single person who doesn’t know Buzzoid since they’re considered to be the top-dog in providing genuine Instagram. Buzzoid is one of the oldest social media services platforms with a total experience of 12 years and to date, Buzzoid has helped over 1,000,000+ individuals and businesses gain recognition on Instagram.

Buzzoid offers one of the best website design among its peers and offers various Instagram-related services like Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views at a very affordable rate.

There are a few other things that make Buzzoid stand out from its competitors like providing 24/7 customer support, fast delivery, and 100% active followers. Unlike some of the sites here, Buzzoid does not offer any Free trial but their packages are quite affordable starting at $2. If you wish to buy Instagram followers from Buzzoid, you can easily do that via PayPal or credit card.


InstaPromote has been in the industry for quite some time and claims to be one of the top experts in providing social media services for Instagram; through their high-quality digital promotion services, InstaPromote regularly caters up to 1000 users per day.

Unlike many of the Instagram service providers in this list,  InstaPromote provides its services only for Instagram. InstaPromote provides its packages at competitive prices so you can purchase their smallest Instagram followers package for $2.95; whilst their VIP package will make you shell out a considerable amount of money.

Other than the regular Instagram followers, likes, and views; you can also get automatic likes, comments, custom auto likes. InstaPromote also provides a free likes option which you can try before purchasing any other packages from them. InstaPromote is yet another place from where you can buy Instagram followers and grow your business.


For our 18th and second last spot we have Social Empire, SocialEmpire offers its services for just 3 social media sites including Instagram. SocialEmpire has partnered with over 600 social media growth partners in order to provide you the highest quality Instagram followers. In order to provide the best, they start by analyzing your account (never give them your password), Content, targeted audience, and engagement, after checking your account they use various strategies to figure out how to correctly promote your profile.

Once you purchase their Package, they immediately launch a campaign in order to supply you Instagram followers, they also make sure that they don’t compromise on the quality. SocialEmpire takes privacy matters sincerely, so there’s no chance of your personal details shared with any other third party.

SocialEmpire offers four Instagram promotional services including Instagram followers (starts at $4.49) and those services are; Instagram likes, Instagram auto likes, and Instagram views. SocialEmpire has been providing their top-tier packages in the industry for almost 4 years and to date, they have served 70k+ clients which makes them one of the best places to buy Instagram followers.


And we’ve finally reached the final site in this article and here we have Blast up, which is yet another genuine Instagram services provider from whom you can buy Instagram followers. Blastup is quite famous among people who’re looking for Instagram services since Blastup offers fast delivery and reliable results among others; other than Instagram Followers, Blastup offers packages for Instagram likes, Instagram views; Blastup also offers services for other social media platforms like Tik Tok.

Blastup comes with an interesting feature called Automatic delivery and through this feature, you’ll be able to automatically receive likes and followers on your profile. One might think that this feature might burn a hole in the wallet but in truth, this feature is quite inexpensive and you can easily afford it for as low as $9.99 (paid monthly). Blastup also comes with a free trial, so you can test their services and get a better understanding of their products and methods. We’ve mentioned this before, but they deliver packages rather fast; it’s so fast that they can deliver your package within 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Blastup offers cheap Instagram followers which start for as low as $2; but if you’re looking for some customized package, just get in touch with their customer care and they’ll provide you a custom package. Due to providing packages for cheap, Blastup has become something like a savior of small businesses seeking growth and reputation.


If you’re reading this, then I’m sincerely glad that you took your time to go through this article; As you can see, there are many sites given in this article where you can securely buy Instagram followers but those aforementioned sites aren’t the only genuine sites or there, there might be more but the ones that have been given here have me tested by myself (most of them).

While trying organic methods is cost-effective, sometimes you need to spend some money to get things done; anyways if you find any more genuine sites or want to correct anything in this article, do leave us a comment.