The best memes are funny, used at just the right time, and say just the right thing. It’s easy to just grab them from around the web, but sometimes the best ones are the ones you make, perfect for the moment. They can be painfully awkward, but they can also be very, very funny.

If you’re suddenly struck by comic inspiration, the good news is that these memes are really easy to build: you don’t need much in the way of artistic talent or graphic design skills, just a good idea (and good timing.)

Whether you’re on your computer or your phone, here are the apps and tools you need to start meme building.¬†


Canva is packed with features but simple to use.

Canva via David Nield

Canva offers a wealth of useful graphic design tools for everyone from beginners to industry professionals, and there’s even a built-in a Meme Generator as well. Click Create a New Meme and you’re up and running, though you will have to register for a free account if you want to save and export your design.

You get a handy Templates tab if you want to adapt an existing meme, or you can switch to Uploads to pick an image of your own. Use the Text tool to drop some words on top of your selected picture: Canva gives you a host of different options when it comes to text font, effects, color and size, and this is one of the best options around for taking full control over how your meme looks. Canva is also available on Android and iOS.


Imgur sticks to the basics but does them well.

Imgur via David Nield