While some CRM software providers have developers on staff that can try to customize your features, CompanyHub wins best for customization because they’ve put much of the control into your hands.


  • Highly customizable, especially by your staff

  • Powerful reporting capabilities

  • Email marketing integration


  • The lowest-priced plan lacks adequate reporting features

  • Integration with MailChimp not available

  • No social media integration

In addition to standard CRM features such as contact, product, and sales pipeline management, CompanyHub is highly customizable for different industries, with creative control that you may be able to handle on your own.

The creators of CompanyHub software have worked in the CRM space since 2012. They’ve developed a deep understanding of the needs of different types of businesses. They have used many CRM programs for their own sales teams, and realize that many CRMs are either too complicated or too basic. This led them to design their own powerful but easy-to-use CRM which is easily customized to the user’s needs.

Most CRMs that claim to be customizable are somewhat limited in what you can change. However, CompanyHub goes way beyond the norm. For instance, you can:

  • Create custom tables to store any kind of data pertaining to payments, projects, courses, schools, properties, etc. 
  • Associate records belonging to different tables with each other
  • Change the labels to be more specific (e.g., “Company” to “College”)
  • Filter records by any chosen criteria
  • Produce reports on any table or field for any particular period of time

CompanyHub also gives you strong email automation capabilities. Email Sync automatically provides updated leads. Email tracking shows you who opened which mail and which links they clicked on. You can schedule emails and set reply reminders. A Gmail plugin is also available to allow you to track any mail sent from there.

CompanyHub has made feeding data into the CRM easy, too. For example, from a single page, you can create records, edit fields, and add notes, conversations, and tasks, then send follow-ups. 

You also have the ability to customize who can see which data, and you can choose from hierarchy-based and rule-based access control. This means that even if two or more salespeople view the same report or page, the data they see will differ depending on what has been set to be visible to them.

Plans are available at $15, $24, and $42 per user per month. The $15 plan provides a single sales pipeline, app integration, website leads gathering, and email and calendar functions. The $24 plan adds more reports and pipelines, and the $42 plan adds advanced customizations and automation.

A training call and demo are available wherein a CRM consultant will talk to you about your requirements and guide you to get the best out of your CompanyHub CRM software.