No other editing software can match Adobe Photoshop CC for its power, sophistication, and massive array of tools and add-ons.

Adobe Photoshop CC is unmatched for its fast and powerful editing applications, offering full-featured functionality only a pro could appreciate, making it our choice as the best photo-editing software for professionals. 

Adobe Inc. has been a leading graphics software maker since 1988, and Photoshop has been its hallmark editing platform since 1990. It has been among the top photo editing platforms ever since, and with its constant improvements and updates, Adobe aims to keep it there. 

Photoshop offers three downloadable, subscription-based packages starting at $9.99 per month for its Photography Plan. In addition to the Photoshop platform, the plan includes Adobe Lightroom (see our choice for best photo editing software for beginners) with 20 GB of cloud storage. For $20.99 a month, the Photoshop plan offers powerful imaging and design apps with 100 GB of storage. For professional photographers who want to do it all, the $53 per month All Apps plan offers everything in the Photography plan plus 20 Creative Cloud and mobile apps, such as Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Premiere Pro, with 100 GB of storage. 

Photoshop is a Mac and PC compatible desktop solution that can also run on iPad. A mobile app is also available with limited functionality. Designing graphics and posting them to social media is a snap. Users can use add-on apps, such as Adobe Social and Adobe Experience, to manage their social media content. 

Photoshop is not recommended for beginners or casual photographers due to its complexity and cost. Also, Photoshop is not known for its capacity to organize your work, but if you run it in concert with Lightroom, it does have that capability.