Best Portable Drives of 2022: The Rugged, the Secure, and the Fast

ByFreda D. Cuevas

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Portable drives are storage devices that allow you to conveniently carry a large amount of data from one computer to another.

Or you can use one as an offline backup — tuck it away, and nobody can hack into your essential information.

Find below the list of the best portable drives I’ve tested. Chances are you’ll find one that goes well with your situation or makes a great gift for any occasion.

Dong’s note: I last updated this frequently revised post on March 22, 2022.

Portable SSDs
Best Portable Drives of 2022: Portable SSDs come in all shapes and sizes.

Best Portable Drives: The lists

There are two lists.

One is portable drives that have what I’d call the “storage vault” level of security. The second list includes traditional portable drives for general usage.

Both lists consist of hard-drive-based and SSD-based portable drives. They also include devices of different interfaces, including USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5Gbps), Gen 2 (10Gbps), Gen 2×2 (20Gbps), and Thunderbolt 3/4 (40Gbps).

If you’re confused about these interfaces, you’re not alone. Check out this post on the USB-C port type where I explained them all.

Important note: The number in front of each name is just the review order and not the ranking. Any of these will serve you well. It’s a question of how well, and that requires some reading — check out the full review!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out how their performance stacks up against one another.

A. The ultra-secure storage vaults

Again this list includes a portable drive for those with serious concerns about data breaches. They keep information absolutely safe from prying eyes.

In return, though, they will not keep the information from being destroyed, so don’t use any of them to store the only copy of your important data.

5. iStorage diskAshur M2: Super-Secure and rugged with a bit of Oddity

The iStorage diskAshur M2 Portable SSD
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The iStorage diskAshur M2 portable SSD looks like a flattened Zippo lighter.

The diskAshur M2 is another ultra-secure drive from iStorage that has two other members on this list.

The M2 is an ultra-compact portable SSD that has an interpreted keypad. The drive was excellent in my testing, except it uses a Micro-B SuperSpeed USB port instead of USB-C.

The iStorage diskAshur M2 Portable SSD 4


Strong hardware encryption and security keypad

Fast USB 3.2 Gen 1 performance


Micro-B Superspeed port instead of USB-C

PIN management can be overwhelming

Software patch needed for each Windows computer

4. Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD: The convient keeper of secrets

Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD has a practical design with an integrated USB cable and a built-in keypad.

Similar to the diskAshur PRO2 below, the Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD portable drive has an integrated USB cable that makes it works right away out of the box — you’ll need a converter before it can connect to a USB-C port, however.

However, it’s a portable SSD and not a hard drive, so it’s much faster.

Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD 1


Built-in strong hardware encryption and security keypad

Compact, rugged, light-weight and practical design

Fast SATA-based SSD performance

Built-in USB cable with the included extension

Fool-proof security approach


No USB-C, USB 3.2 Gen 2, or NVMe storage

Aegis Configurator software costs extra

Manual management can be daunting

3. Samsung T7 Touch: Security on the finger tip

Samsung T Touch
Best Portable Drives of 2022: Super-compact, the Samsung T7 Touch fits right in one’s palm.

The Samsung T7 Touch doesn’t have an integrated keypad, but it’s super-secure nonetheless, thanks to the built-in fingerprint scanner.

It’s also the only drive on this list that features USB-C, USB 3.2 Gen 2, and an NVMe SSD on the inside — it’s the fastest among ultra-secure portable SSDs.

Samsung T7 Touch


Hardware encryption with an optional integrated fingerprint scanner

Compact and rugged design

USB 3.2 Gen 2-Class performance

Includes both USB-C and compatible cables


Write speed reduction during extended operations

More expensive than similar portable SSDs

2. iStorage datAshur PRO2: The storage vault thumb drive

iStorage DataShur Pro
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The iStorage datAshur Pro2 is one tough thumb drive.

This tiny thumb drive is the most secure of its kind. It’s a type of storage device you can entrust your most confidential information. It’s a storage vault that fits inside your pocket.

iStorage datAshur PRO2


Top-notch security against data breach

Rugged, weatherproof, compact design


No safeguard against deliberate data deletion

1. iStorage diskAshur PRO2: A Real Storage Vault in Your Palm

iStorage disAshur PRO2 USB Cable
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The built-in USB cable makes the diskAshur PRO2 super convenient to use.

The iStorage diskAshur PRO2 is the only hard-drive-based storage vault on this list. Other than the fact it’s the slowest one, it has the same security level as the next guy.

iStorage disAshur PRO2


Compact design with built-in USB cable


Keypad combos take some getting used to

B. The day-to-day traditional portable drives

This list includes traditional portable drives, including those without any security features at all.

12. Silicon Power Armor A66: Military-grade rugged portable hard drive

Silicon Power SP Armor A66 Portable Hard Drive
Portable Drives of 2022: The Silicon Power SP Armor A66 portable hard drive comes with a non-standard USB cable.

The Silicon Power Armor A66 is a bit of irony considering it’s a hard-drive-based storage device designed with military-grade ruggedness. That’s because the internal hard drive on the inside is generally more susceptible to shocks and drop than an SSD.

So no military personnel will use it but for the low cost, it can be an excellent buy for home users who needs a portable, capacious, and, well, rugged and water-resistant drive.

Silicon Power SP Armor A66 Portable Hard Drive


Fast hard-drive-based performance


USB-A female port instead of USB-C

Impractical connection design

Terrible SP Widget software

11. SanDisk Professional G-Drive SSD: Western Digital’s latest tough guy in town

SanDisk Professional G-Drive SSD
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The SanDisk Professional G-Drive SSD looks the part.

The G-Drive SSD is the fruit of merging SanDisk and G-Tech, two storage brands Western Digital acquired over the years, into a new professional lineup.

The new compact portable NVMe SSD is indeed quite pro. It has excellent performance, rugged chassis, and looks the part.

Though a bit pricey, the SanDisk Professional G-Drive SSD has enough to be worth your consideration.

SanDisk Professional G Drive SSD 5


Fast NVMe-based performance

Rugged, water-resistant, compact design

USB-C with included cables

Effective security feature


No USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 or USB 2.0 support

Not convenient for Windows users

10. OWC Envoy Pro SX: Underwhelmingly super-fast

OWC Envoy Pro SX Portable SSD
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The OWC Envoy Pro SX is another Thunderbolt-exclusive portable SSD.

The OWC Envoy Pro SX is the second Thunderbolt-exclusive portable SSD on this list. It’s the direct competitor of the Samsung X5 below.

As such, it’s a bit underwhelming due to the slower performance, but supporting Thunderbolt, this is still one of the fast, portable drives on the market.

OWC Envoy Pro SX Portable SSD 13


Fast Thunderbolt read performance


Write speed could be better

Not compatible with USB 3.2

9. WD Black D30 Game Drive SSD: Well-balance console add-on storage

WD Black D30 Portable SSD
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The WD Black D30 Game Drive SSD is a cool portable drive with a practical stand.

The WD Black D30 Game Drive SSD is an excellent alternative to the P50 below. No, it’s not faster, but it sure is more affordable and has just the right specs for many game consoles and computers on the market.

On top of that, it has a little stand that makes the whole package quite cute in use.

WD Black D30 Portable SSD 5


Fast and reliable NVMe-based performance

Cool-looking, rugged design, with a practical stand

USB-C port with included USB-A-to-USB-C cable


No security feature for general use

8. SanDisk Extreme Pro: The fastest USB portable SSD to date

SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD in Water
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The new SanDisk Extreme Pro can handle water submersion easily.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro is the latest version to replace the model that came out last year.

It’s the first in the SanDisk Extreme family that sports the USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 (20Gbps) and standard and, among other things, proved to be the fastest USB portable SSD to date.

SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD 10


Super-fast performance thanks to the combo of USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 and NVMe SSD

Compact, rugged and beautiful design

Excellent security feature with built-in hardware encryption


Slightly bulkier than the non-PRO model

7. WD Black P50 Game Drive: First USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 portable SSD

WD Black P50 Portable SSD
Best Portable Drives of 2022: You can get the WD Black P50 in any color as long as it’s black.

The WD Black P50 is the first portable SSD on the market that supports USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, which caps at 20Gbps.

And in my testing, it was one of the fastest on the market. That, plus the fact it’s super rugged and cool looking, means it looks the part as a storage device designed for gamers.

WD Black P50 Cables


Super-fast NVMe-based performance

Top USB specs with USB-C port


Currently, there are no game consoles with USB 3.2 Gen 2×2

No security feature for general use

6. SanDisk Extreme: And excellent sweet-sport portable SSD

SanDisk Extreme
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The Sandisk Extreme is a safe buy.

This portable SSD is the non-PRO version of the SanDisk Extreme PRO above.

The only difference, though, is the lack of support for USB 3.2 Gen 2×2. Instead, it uses the older USB Gen 2 (10Gbps), which is slower.

To compensate for that, it’s significantly more affordable and a tad more compact. That and the fact USB Gen 2 is a popular USB standard — most computers don’t have a faster option anyway — mean it’s an excellent buy.

SanDisk Extreme 2020 4


Fast NVMe-based performance

Compact, yet rugged and beautiful design

Excellent security feature with built-in hardware encryption


No support for USB 3.2 Gen 2×2

5. WD My Passport: The most complete portable SSD to date

WD My Passport SSD
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The latest WD My Passport SSD version has a new design.

The latest WD My Passport SSD is an entirely new drive compared to the previous model.

It now has everything you’d ask from in a portable SSD: Top speed, compact design, storage space, and security. While it’s not perfect and slightly more expensive than competing drives, it’s easily one of the best portable SSDs on the market.

WD My Passport SSD 2020 2


Fast USB 3.2 Gen 2 performance

Compact, rugged, practical design

USB-C-ready with cable and adapter included


Useless WD Backup and WD Utilities applications

Slightly more expensive than competitors

4. Crucial X6: The tiniest 4TB portable SSD

Crucial X6
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The Crucial X6 is easily one of the tiniest portable SSDs on the market.

In many ways, the Crucial X6 is the mini (and lesser) version of the Crucial X8 below. Since the latter is already ultra-compact, we’re now talking about a tiny portable storage device.

Despite the diminutive physical size, the X6 is a formidable portable SSD. It delivers up to 4 TB of storage space and has the performance that can match that. You won’t need to wait for a long time, even when you want to fill it up.

Crucial X6 3


Super compact, yet rugged, beautiful design


Comparatively low perform cap

No USB-A converter or cable included

3. Crucial X8: Micron’s first portable SSD

Crucial X8
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The Crucial X8 is a USB portable SSD, but it will work well with any Thunderbolt 3 port.

Micron joined the portable SSD market with a bang. The Crucial X8 delivers stellar speeds via USB 3.2 Gen 2 and is one of the fastest among its peers. And the fact the drive comes with a beautiful design and a friendly price tag doesn’t hurt.

Crucial X8 Portable Drive


Fast USB 3.2 Gen 2 performance

Compact, rugged, aesthetically pleasing design

USB-C ready, USB-A converter included


No bundled software or security feature

2. WD Black P10: The ultra-spacious rugged gamer’s portable hard drive

WD Black P 0 Game Drive
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The WD Black P10 has a look that means business.

It’s a portable hard drive for gamers. The rugged, cool-looking drive delivers tons of storage space inside a tough casing.

It’s the only hard-drive-based portable drive on this list and suitable for those who need a ton of storage space instead of performance.

WD Black P10 Box


Plug-n-play out of the box


No USB-C or encryption support

1. Samsung Portable SSD X5: The Thunderbolt 3 bootable speed demon

Samsung X Thunderbolt 3 SSD
Best Portable Drives of 2022: The Samsung X5 is a Thunderbolt 3 drive and won’t work with a USB-C port.

The X5 is the fastest portable SSD by far. The catch is it only works with Thunderbolt 3 and not USB. For this reason, it’s more suitable for professional Mac environments, at least for now.



Solid, pretty, rugged design

Compatible with Windows and Mac right out of the box

Useful and effective security feature


Only works with Thunderbolt 3

Only one Thunderbolt 3 port

The 3-year warranty is a bit short.

Best Portable Drives: The performance

When it comes to portable drives, the most important performance is copy speeds. Find below how the drives mentioned above stacked against one another in my testing.

Best Portable Drives Performance
Best Portable Drives’ performance

Again, keep in mind that this chart includes drives of different connection and storage types, not to mention the pricing, and therefore is only for references.

That’s because comparing them using their performances alone is like comparing apples to oranges. It’s a good idea to read their reviews to find out how well they fit your needs.


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