Best Tools for Monitoring IoT Devices

ByFreda D. Cuevas

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly, with new IoT devices from large companies and small startups popping up. Whether you’re a business owner or just an interested customer, it’s impossible to keep track of all the different devices being released on the market. Monitoring IoT devices may be easier than you think. With the right tools in your toolbelt, you can ensure that your projects are monitored properly.


What is IoT Monitoring?


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an interconnected device system that collects and exchanges data. IoT tracking analyzes data, gives insights, alerts you to any business-impacting concerns, and delivers proactive solutions for any of your connected devices. Monitoring your IoT assets keeps you abreast of any problems impacting mission-critical apps and services functioning.


IoT Device monitoring issues


IoT devices can be a great way to make your business more efficient and profitable. However, they can also cause problems if they aren’t monitored properly. Here are some of the most common issues that arise when using the best IoT devices:


Network Traffic Issues


If you’ve got an IoT device that syncs with a cloud-based data storage system, it’s important to monitor network traffic to ensure it isn’t affecting the performance of other systems. A sudden spike in network traffic could indicate something is wrong with one of your IoT devices or the connection between it and its cloud-based data storage system.


Security Breaches

Your IoT devices may contain sensitive information about your customers or employees, so security should be a top priority. Make sure you know what kind of access each IoT device has so you can keep tabs on who’s accessing what information and when they’re doing it.


Slow Response Time

When there is an issue with monitoring and managing your IoT devices, there is likely to be a delay in resolving it because nobody knows about it immediately. This could affect productivity and cause more issues as users try to figure out what went wrong with certain systems or applications.


Benefits of IoT Monitoring


Connected devices are a great benefit to businesses, but they can also be a risk. Using IoT monitoring software, you can gain insights into your connected devices and ensure they operate as they should be. Here are some of the benefits of IoT monitoring:



IoT devices are notoriously insecure and susceptible to cyberattacks. Remote IoT monitoring software can help prevent attacks by detecting suspicious activity on your networks and providing necessary alerts.


Cost Savings

Connected devices don’t just cost money; they require maintenance, upgrades, and other expenses. By using IoT monitoring software to keep tabs on your connected devices, you can reduce costs by ensuring that each device operates as expected before it needs servicing or replacement.


Business Continuity

When you have an IoT system in place, it’s easier for companies to scale up quickly when needed. With proper planning and preparation, your company can handle any situation without losing business momentum or revenue streams.


Customer Satisfaction

The IoT gives you real-time data about how your customers use your products or services and where they are having issues so that you can respond quickly with solutions or adjustments. This can lead to increased customer loyalty, higher sales, and fewer complaints because you can address their concerns quickly.


Reduced Maintenance Costs

IoT monitoring also reduces maintenance costs by enabling companies to predict when equipment is likely to fail or break down before it happens. This enables them to schedule maintenance activities at the right time, reducing the need for unexpected repairs that could result in downtime for employees or customers. It also means that companies will have more control over equipment performance and can avoid expensive equipment replacements by ensuring they have enough spare parts.


The Best Tools to Monitor IoT Devices


To monitor IoT devices, you need to understand what they are and how they work. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best iot monitoring tools available today so you can stay on top of your IoT devices and keep track of your systems.




Splunk is arguably the most popular tool for monitoring logs and analyzing data from various sources. This IoT monitoring system is manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer of network monitors. It provides an excellent UI with graphical data analyses that simplify identifying the underlying reasons for device issues.




Easy to use

Pricing rises somewhat when the volume of data increases

Performs targeted searches

The dashboard is rougher than the tableau

Incorporates data-driven thinking into organizational culture

Real-time monitoring of operational flows




Datadog is a great solution for monitoring your IoT devices. It lets you collect data from IoT devices and visualize it on an interface. Its dashboards allow you to see what’s happening with your environment quickly, and they’re easy to set up so that even non-technical users can take advantage of them. The application has third-party applications to facilitate a smooth workflow regardless of platform, language, or location.




Well-written API documentation

Navigating might be a challenge at times

Integrates with several third-party services and systems

Excellent visual design for the dashboards




TeamViewer is an excellent and simple desktop sharing application. The software can be used to connect to an unlimited number of distant computers, and it provides a wide range of useful functions at no additional cost. A single click connects you to your entire TeamViewer account, including your machines and contacts.




An easy-to-use application

Incompatible with proxy servers

Capability to capture remote screen images

Unavailable for free use in commercial settings

Capable of dragging and dropping data from one machine to another

A portable version is available, so there is no need to install it




AWS is a cloud-based system for establishing linked web services-based commercial solutions. It also offers several pre-built services that organizations may use to construct their cloud-based solutions. AWS helps businesses with various tasks, including game creation, information processing, warehousing, and development.




Accessible on mobile devices

Costs vary from area to region due to land costs, fiber costs, power, and taxes

It’s simple to use

It provides an advanced computing service




SkySpark is a system platform that analyzes building data at the system level and produces building analytics. SkySpark analyses data from the smart device monitor and machinery systems to discover problems and abnormalities, allowing enhanced operational performance. The platform assists in remote devices management that help in sifting through the massive amounts of data generated by today’s intelligent devices to discover relevant information.




Accurately pinpoint problematic situations

There is a high risk of information overload

Streamlines the commissioning process

Ensures that data analysis is continuous




It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but with the right tools and patience, you can monitor IoT devices without breaking the bank. Our list of the best tools for device monitoring should help you easily monitor all of your devices, along with their services and components.

The devices and their data will be all in one convenient location so that you can quickly assess what’s happening in your network. And depending on how extensively you plan on using these monitoring and analytics tools, the cost could still be worth it—especially to bolster your security posture against potential threats.


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