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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 18, 2021: As the global pandemic starts to ease in some places around the world with the mass roll out of vaccine campaigns; Caribbean nations are looking towards shifting their economic efforts from tourism and travel to tech & software start-ups. Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, nations in the Caribbean bloc have been holding strong, incorporating innovative methods to improve the domestic economy.

The tech, software, and eCommerce industry have now pushed the Caribbean community to further develop and evolve their influence on the global stage of emerging economies. In recent months, these small island nations have been holding strong, incorporating government efforts to support tech and software start-ups.

With the vast majority of global employees still working from home, and businesses looking to adapt operations – website building tools and DIY web design have helped thousands of young business owners and entrepreneurs to make a name for themselves.

Here’s a look at some of the top website building tools currently available in comparison to the Caribbean tech market.

Website builders

The ever-increasing demand for no-code and drag-and-drop website building platforms has allowed new business owners to put their business on the web quicker and effortlessly. Some of the best website building platforms are WordPress, Wix, Ghost, and Statamic. These website building platforms are used globally, with millions of daily users, worldwide customer support, and drag-and-drop formats. Easier access, free subscription plans, and more affordable pricing models have given Caribbean businesses the ability to leverage these tools in a more lucrative way. 

Jamaica is now leading in the race, being host to the Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre, Sir Richard Branson’s Center of Entrepreneurship, and the University of Technology, Jamaica. Some reports have gone so far as to mention that younger Jamaicans are now being more connected to Silicon Valley opportunities.

eCommerce tools

The rise of online shopping and eCommerce has enabled businesses to trade and operate amidst the severity of the pandemic. With convenient eCommerce tools, Caribbean entrepreneurs are making use of BigCommerce Essentials, Shopify, and Weebly to help local businesses become more integrated with domestic and global trade.

These eCommerce tools enable smaller businesses, and tech start-ups to have a larger playing field, giving them additional leverage on remote working, retail, and online shopping opportunities. Reports from the last few months have indicated that more and more remote working Americans are rapidly migrating to places such as Montego Bay. The change in work conditions makes it possible for foreigners, mostly Americans, to move away from busy and overcrowded cities, and settle in with Caribbean communities and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

eCommerce has contributed billions worth of local domestic product in a time when slow business activities and the restriction on travel drove the Caribbean community to the point of no return.

Now, we’re seeing more and more support and foreign investment in new start-ups, especially in tech and software taking shape. Some Caribbean economies have outperformed expectations, gaining 35% respectively. Bloomberg has previously mentioned how Caribbean countries are quickly growing their economies with modern and innovative infrastructure, business, and international trade.

Software, prototyping, and user-interface

Given the light of economic conditions in the Caribbean bloc, software, prototyping, and user interface allow Jamaica’s tech-educated generation to flock to the start-up industry. Accelerator programs such as TechBeach have allowed the Inter-American Development Bank to help boost nearly 200 Caribbean tech start-ups. The accelerator program looks to assist with tech support, better networking skills, and mentorships.

In partnership with global efforts, local business owners are now making use of software tools such as Startup 4 by Designmodo, EpicPxls, Adobe XD, and Picter to name just a few. Some of these tools are free to use, while others require monthly or yearly payments. Additional assistance from TechBeach makes it effortless for young entrepreneurs to understand the importance of integrating advanced software in their businesses.

Better government investment gives local business owners and tech start-up entrepreneurs a chance to make a difference in their community and contribute to advancing the Caribbean’s influence on a global scale. Integrated tech and easy-to-use software allow business owners to be more creative, to put more focus towards the future ventures, and less on traditional goals.