Cleer ARC True Wireless Earbuds: Review

ByFreda D. Cuevas

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The wireless headphone and earphone group is projected to increase to nearly $27 billion USD by 2027 and although that may possibly seem like wonderful news to the business, what does that necessarily mean for consumers. Technological innovation can acquire a quantum leap in five yrs, but if we get a look at the category in 2022, we search down into a bottomless pit of wireless goods with handful of details of differentiation.

Apple can afford to pay for to just take modest measures with every new product cycle for the reason that it has the internet marketing spending plan and a pool of media who will only compose nice issues about their products.

They also have over a billion Apple iphone customers across the globe who do not essentially shell out notice to what models like Cleer, Sennheiser, 1Much more, or Bose are performing in the legitimate wireless category. Products and solutions like the Cleer ARC True Wi-fi Earbuds deal with an uphill struggle but they are likely a superior choice to AirPods or any low cost TWS earphones that you uncover in any airport or 7-Eleven.

Getting previously reviewed the Cleer Ally Additionally II, which I observed to be a fairly strong supplying, I was intrigued by the Cleer Arc because they are seeking to attain the ANC encounter in a distinctive method.

As anyone who travels for do the job on airplanes and coaches and attends a great deal of soccer online games across the midwest and other parts of the nation, I see the value of legitimate wireless earphones with ANC because I am one of people men and women on the aircraft who does not want to pay attention to everyone snoring, the drone of the engine, or screaming dad and mom in the stands who really do not concur with the referee.

Isolation from sounds that ruins the tunes listening practical experience or tends to make it a lot easier for me to focus on the job at hand, is all that I call for the situation with numerous of the wi-fi earphones and headphones that I have experimented with and reviewed so significantly is that the ANC has a damaging effect on the sound high-quality.

For all those people who are more concerned about sound and mobile phone call quality, ANC is a wonderful aspect and they are ready to compromise on sound good quality. Quite a few of us are not.

The Cleer ARC are surely not for the purchaser who demands the greatest feasible level of isolation the style does not allow for for it and that is why they could possibly be better for another person who is also more concerned about situational awareness.

Cleer ARC Wireless Earbuds in Charging Case

As an alternative of embedding the earbud in your ear, with the nozzle likely down your canal, the ARC driver shell rests on the surface area of your ear. This does offer a degree of passive isolation but it is absolutely not in the very same classification of other real wireless earbuds which offer a tighter seal.

The design and style reminds me of two other IEM systems that are at this time currently being used by other brands the bone conduction driver available in the Unique Melody IEMs, which allows for the mechanical motion of the driver, providing a much more visceral minimal conclusion knowledge, and the open driver on the most latest IEMs from Fir Audio that mimics a passive subwoofer in your ear canal.

Having skilled the two, I would offer that they deliver a constructive working experience, but can fully grasp how they may not be for everybody.

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Cleer ARC Earbuds Interior

The Cleer ARC follows a really very similar route it utilizes a 16.2mm dynamic driver that covers the total assortment. Massive ear hooks keep the earpieces in area, enabling for a precise match and are kept in area by a swinging arm that operates like a hinge.

The Skinny

Unlike the wide greater part of genuine wireless earbuds, the Cleer ARC stay within a instead flat and challenging plastic situation most wi-fi earbuds nowadays ship within a charging case that is formed like an egg and is built to suit inside your pants or jacket pocket.

When I opened the charging scenario, I arrived to the realization that Cleer have not opted for the standard charging circumstance with an inner battery. Users have to join the attached USB Sort-B to a laptop computer or wall charger.

I can see that remaining an challenge for some folks who want to demand their wireless earbuds when they are not making use of them and are not in a position to hold the scenario connected to a electric power source.

If you use these at do the job, it in all probability isn’t a large deal to continue to keep the charging circumstance related to a USB port on your pc or desktop, but I do obtain the charging case relatively odd in 2022. Cleer feels that listeners want portability in excess of ease of charging I’m not guaranteed they are accurate in that assumption.

The mentioned battery life is 7 several hours on a total demand it is our normal observe to run that examination four situations to verify the accuracy of the declare I managed to get far more than 7 hours 2 times (7 hrs and 15 minutes), and two checks yielded 6 hrs, and 50 minutes. That is a lot more than sufficient time for most consumers for a work working day, but it is not the longest we have calculated so much.

Plugging in the device for 10 minutes yielded a person hour of listening time at ordinary listening degrees, and we averaged 60 minutes to realize a total cost we verified this four moments as well.

The driver know-how and condition of the driver produce a different gain you in no way have to fear about dropping ear strategies — there are none.

Obtaining a proper in shape was also a little more difficult than just inserting an ear tip into the canal and reaching a appropriate seal you have to rotate the earpiece to achieve that and that lessens the level of passive isolation.

If you wear glasses, the match and isolation will prove to be enough but not fantastic. I put on glasses and sun shades and my expertise was that the device carried out far better when I wasn’t wearing both.

I took the Cleer ARC on a selection of early morning walks, and I observed myself pushing the driver further more into my ear to compensate for the concern with eyeglasses, which resulted in further bass response, and a warmer sonic signature. It also grew to become considerably veiled which was not the sought after final result.

You can accomplish good sound high-quality though putting on eyeglasses but the suit issue could be far better.

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Cleer ARC in charger


The Cleer ARC is staying marketed as an open up-back legitimate wireless design and style which means that you really don’t attain a whole lot of isolation. The flip side is that the soundstage is a lot larger sized than with standard real wireless IEMs, and your situational awareness when going for walks through chaotic town streets or in your nearby park is unquestionably heightened.

When people stated good day to me as I walked by my neighborhood, I in no way struggled to listen to that they have been saying this may well be a safer wager for walks at night time or if your children use them to school in a hectic community with a good deal of autos in the morning and at dusk.

Getting off my glasses resulted in a much better match with enhanced isolation the driver sat flatter in my ear and I did not detect them as significantly. I continue to struggled with the realization that the sound is not as transparent in that scenario.

The greatest match was attained with the driver device angled downward 10-15 levels from the horizontal axis.

Cleer ARC Earbud Interior

Cleer have a complex white paper which points out their design and style choices and why they opted for an open-again design with a 16.2mm dynamic driver that you can discover below.


A single of the advantages of the greater driver is that the Cleer ARC’s bass reaction is somewhat sturdy bass notes have the two effects and definition and I alternatively savored its overall performance with rock and classical music.

2Cellos’ “Despacito” (Let There Be Cello, Qobuz, 24-little bit/44.1kHz) gave the Cleer ARC a rather company workout and I was delighted to see that the bass reaction did not lose its effect as I raised the volume and come to be a muddled mess.

Sticking with the Croatian cello duo, I listened to a mix of their songs including their stunning rendition of the Sport of Thrones title track and their cover of “Bad Male.”

I listened to their deal with and in contrast it to Billie Eilish’s 2019 launch and discovered the identical factor the higher bass does bleed into the reduce midrange which can consequence in a slight reduction of clarity and element. I have surely listened to worse with both equally tracks in regard to the upper bass/reduce midrange but it is certainly there.

Cleer ARC in charger off

The tuning of the Cleer ARC is a rather powerful “V” where both equally the bass and treble are emphasized at the cost of the midrange which will come throughout as becoming marginally recessed vocals are not pushed forward of the instrumentation.

Male and feminine vocals do have sufficient presence to make the ARC a enjoyable pay attention and there is absolutely adequate clarity, but Cleer ARC does not have the expansive airiness of some of the competition.

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1 of the positive aspects of the open-back design and style is that the soundstage is wider and bigger than most of the TWS earphones that I have listened to around the previous 2 many years the depth added benefits the least from the design and style and driver.

The ARC never ever will get strident or tricky in the treble but it is not the final phrase in micro element the all round tonal equilibrium is on the hotter side which does not favor detail retrieval.

Cleer ARC Travel Case


The $129 Cleer ARC TWS Earphones exist in a pretty aggressive category where consumers have come to expect improved than ordinary battery everyday living, great sound good quality, passive and energetic sound cancelling, and compatibility with aptX High definition, LDAC, and solid connect with top quality.

The ARC delivers a roomy sound with superior than regular audio high-quality, toughness, and previously mentioned regular battery life. The charging case is not going to attractiveness to anyone, and the to some degree problematic healthy whilst putting on eyeglasses will unquestionably be an problem for some.

Does the audio excellent amount the playing field for the Cleer ARC? It surely does some factors improved than the level of competition, bass effects, soundstage, and the entire absence of tiredness during long listening sessions — but will that show to be enough for most people who assume specific functions in 2022?

The Cleer ARC does not offer you a lot of isolation and that tends to make them fewer than suitable for plane visits where by the other passengers really don’t want to hear what you are listening to.

If you want a pair of legitimate wireless earphones that give you complete situational consciousness, the Cleer ARC are a really rational option.

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