Code-Free Web Forms: Top Online Form Builders

There’s no need to emphasize that online form builders make the life of marketers, salespeople, account executives, etc. much easier. If you ask me ‘in what way’? I’ll say that there are lots of reasons to use one. Marketers and salespeople can use it for inbound lead generation – sign up web form, event registration form, gated content web form, ad campaign landing page form, etc. Account executives and support specialists can use online forms to find out what their customers are thinking, to ask for feedback, to run a survey and so on and so on.

With a web form, you can capture leads with all the necessary information required to start converting them into paying customers.

Of course, you can create your own form. However, it takes time and resources to develop a design, write hundreds of lines of code, test it, implement it, etc. Often, marketers do not have time for that, as they have a hypothesis and they need to act fast to test it.

This is exactly when it’s best to paste a ready-to-use online form. There are so many online form builders in the market and many of them have the same functionality and templates, which makes it difficult to choose the one for your particular business.

However similar, those tools are not identical – all of them have a little something that makes them stand out from the competition. You just need to find the builder that matches your business workflows best. Let’s see the list of the best online form builders available on the market and define those tiny unique differentiators.

Web Forms by NetHunt

It’s a newly released software that has already got recognition from marketers and salespeople. Web Forms by NetHunt are absolutely free and no-registration web forms builder that allows users to create beautiful online forms with a few clicks and start receiving new leads in a few minutes. What makes Web Forms by NetHunt unique?

  • No sign up required: your web form submissions are stored within the web form builder and you get access to them with a unique link. Just don’t forget to save that unique link.
  • Ability to use webhook to pass data to third-party applications you use.
  • Multiple sharing options: share the form with a direct link, embed the form into your website or make it pop up on the dedicated page. Forms work across any device.
  • Easy to modify and implement changes: you simply go to the unique link of your web form, make the changes, preview them, and you are all set. All the changes are reflected in real-time.
  • The up-to-date and stylish design of the forms: developers of Web Forms by NetHunt prioritize design, look and feel of the web forms you’ll implement to your websites.
  • Code-free forms: no need to write a single line of code; just copy and paste the code provided and you are done.
  • Smooth interface: this is probably the cleanest, intuitive and easy-to-understand interface.
  • No limitations in the number of web forms created or responses received.

If you want to take a step further in lead management, automate the follow-ups and set automated email sequences to nurture leads, store the full history of relations with them, you can upgrade to the CRM system developed by NetHunt.

💸Pricing: free

Google Forms

Google Forms is a perfect tool for those who need to create simple forms quickly. Its functionality is comparatively limited, especially in the types of questions you may ask. But what if we tell you that the software is absolutely free to use? You just need to have a Google account to create a form. Why are Google Forms worth trying?

  • Fast experience: you can create and edit forms very quickly and reuse questions from previously created forms.
  • Collaboration options: share the form with your teammates to collaborate on the form creation.
  • Customization opportunity: well, there is not much room for customization web forms compared to other form builders; however, once you need to create a form very quickly, this is exactly what you need: choose among a few themes, change the color of the header, upload pictures, or change the font of the survey questions.
  • Data visualization: the results collected are automatically generated and visualized in charts, making it easier to analyze them. Also, you can export responses to Google Sheets to share them with your colleagues and analyze other data dependencies.

💸Pricing: free


If you need to create thousands of forms and have limited resources to develop a design, you will most likely like JotForm with more than 10,000 form templates. But for someone, it can be an obstacle to use the app as it can be challenging to find the necessary template. The more is not always the better. Why is JotForm good to go with?

  • Multiple layout options: choose either to represent all questions on one page or multi-pages form (one question per page). It makes it perfect to A/B test your forms.
  • Mobile-friendly forms: mobile-first technology makes online forms look perfect on mobiles and adjust forms to any screen size.
  • Payments collections: while many online form builders provide an option to collect payments, with JotForm you can make it while using their free plan.
  • Collaboration options: involve your colleagues to edit web forms with you.
  • Extremely intuitive builder: the app has a drag-and-drop builder with a logical arrangement of the elements and additional widgets you can use.
  • Versalite theme libraries: customization options are massive, along with the available themes to choose from, making it easy to handle various types of forms and types of data needed to be collected.
  • HIPAA compliance: JotForm provides an easy and secure way to collect sensitive patient information, schedule appointments and add them to Google Calendar, and collect payments for bills. Available at paid plans.

💸Pricing: has a free plan; paid plans start at $29 per month.


TypeForm will suit ideally those companies who run multiple pieces of research, communicate with customers and audience to get feedback and gather qualitative data. The builder is visually attractive, allowing users to add media to welcome and thank you pages to create branded and more informal experiences. Why should you try TypeForm?

  • Multimedia options: ability to engage respondents through the use of images, video, and animated GIFs to increase form completion rates.
  • Intelligent algorithms to anticipate your questions: start typing the question you’d like to ask, and an intuitive form builder anticipates your questions and automatically adds them.
  • Conversational survey process: unique representation of the questions (1 question per screen), using the keyboard to answer the questions, and unique design makes the survey process engaging and conversational.
  • 500+ integration with other tools to automate sales processes and close more deals.
  • It looks great on mobile: instead of placing radio buttons, Typeform uses big-size buttons, making it very easy to use on mobile devices.
  • Logic Jump: add question branching or conditional questions to make a personalized experience.

💸Pricing: starts at $35 per month.


FormStack is a suitable web forms builder for businesses in highly regulated industries. Users who prioritize branding will also like the software as it offers versatile customization features: design your own form theme from scratch or choose from hundreds of templates. What makes FormStack different?

  • Offers HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant forms to keep customer data secure.
  • Actionable data insights: for each form, you can view metrics like unique views, conversion rate, and abandonment rate to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns. Build reports and visualize them in charts. However, most of them are only available on advanced plans.
  • Conditional Logic: personalize the experience by letting users skip irrelevant questions.
  • Integrated with 1000+ other business software, including Hubspot, PayPal, Mailchimp, Stripe, etc.
  • A/B testing tool: the platform allows you to test various form titles and descriptions to choose the one that converts better.
  • Automation: you can customize actions after a form is submitted. Easily assign submission data to different people or places depending on the criteria you set.

💸Pricing: starts at $59 per month


Wufoo form builder was launched more than a decade ago, so you can definitely trust this software. Moreover, it has many well-known brands among its customers, such as Amazon, Disney, and Twitter. How does Wufoo stand out?

  • Convenient organization of form templates: registrations, lead generation, surveys, invitations for easy navigation. Search function to find a necessary template.
  • Versatile collection of survey templates: around 200 templates for running a survey.
  • Workflows: transfer the form data automatically to the CRM or marketing automation tool that you use for further lead nurturing.
  • Powerful report generator: Dynamic reports allow users to analyze data in real-time, Error-checking, and reports validation inside your account. If you prefer to work in spreadsheets and build your own graphs, Wufoo allows you to export all the data to Google Spreadsheets.
  • Strong security measures: CAPTCHA integration to prevent you from receiving spam, data safety with 256-bit SSL encryption, and servers located in a SOC 2, Type II audited data center in the United States.
  • Rules: create branching logic to customize the questions displayed depending on how a respondent answered the previous one.

💸Pricing: free plan with very limited functionality; paid plans start at $19 per month.

We’ve listed some of the online form builders we tried for various purposes. If any of the features that we’ve listed above seem to be attractive for you, give this tool a try. This is the only option to choose the most suitable software for your business.