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First S – Teacher Tech

CS First is a program by Google to provide computer science curriculum. First S… science. Computer Science is critical thinking skill!

No Computer Science Required

If you as a teacher are not versed in computer science that is okay! Google provides free resources to help you get students going with a hands on learning experience.


CS First uses Scratch to introduce students to coding. Scratch

First S

CS First is a great way to get started with teaching students computer science even if you as the teacher do not have experience with coding or computer science. First s … science! It is critical th…

4 Tips for Google Bookmark

4 Tips for Google Bookmark. If you use Chrome here are some ways to use the Bookmarking feature.

Folderbox Download

If you are wanting a folderbox download look at Google Drive. Here are some tips for getting more out of Google Drive.

Print Google Slides™ Speaker Notes

Send your speaker notes from a Google Slides to a Google Doc. Easily print your Google Slides speaker notes or share them. Print Google Slides Speaker Notes

Google Drev – Drive On In

Google Drev allows you to find your files even when you have a typo. Check out some ways you can search your Google Drive.

First S

While Computer Science should not be our students First S, it should be one of them! If you are thinking you do not know where to start in getting students experience with computer science CS First is a free way to get started!

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