PCB software vendor Altium has added its browser-based design tool Upverter to the Google Coral Partnership Program. This allows engineers and product designers to create and manufacture hardware-accelerated AI boards quickly and easily.

The company is offering free PCBs based on the Coral AI chip designed with Upverter to European companies, as well boards using the Raspberry Pi CM4 connector. There is a minimum order of five boards with a lead time of 8 to 10 weeks, and users just pay for shipping from the US. This avoids the $1999 fee for fab design, stencils and SMT programming, but is only available until 30th June.

Altium is also looking for a European board making partner.

Upverter is a web-based electronics design environment for creating and manufacturing electronics systems and printed circuit boards—all from a single application. Users can design custom carrier boards and order them directly from the Upverter environment. Custom carrier boards are pre-tested, manufactured, and shipped directly to customers.

“We are thrilled to join the Coral Partnership Program alongside such industry leaders as Asus, Mouser Electronics, and Arrow, ” said Ted Pawela, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Altium. “We’re even more excited to see what our users create by combining Upverter’s web-based, modular design technology with the power of Coral artificial intelligence.”

Coral, from Google, helps bring on-device AI application ideas from prototype to production with hardware components, software tools, and pre-compiled models.

“Coral is dedicated to making AI more accessible. Upverter’s powerful design tool makes the benefits of integrating Coral technology more accessible to the engineers and product designers developing the solutions of our future. We believe that together, we can empower AI solutions to build a more resilient world and are excited to have Upverter join us in our mission,” said Billy Rutledge, Director of the Coral team at Google

Upverter features multiple design templates, which now include a new series of embedded board designs that work with Coral Intelligence. These templates can be easily copied and customized in Upverter. Featured boards designed with Coral Intelligence include the CM4 Pixhawk FMUv6U and  PoE Smart Camera. 

www.altium.com; www.gumstix.com

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