SPOTcon 2021 is the latest digital conference for developers from around the world to meet, engage with, and learn about solutions that drive leading-edge transformation in application development. As Scout APM’s first conference, we are focused on creating the best community event for developers by offering informative sessions presented by industry-leading experts. To keep our promise to this mission, we are excited to announce the speakers for SPOTcon 2021.

Yukihiro ‘Matz’ Matsumoto, Creator of the Ruby Programming Language – Keynote Speaker

Matz is a Japanese computer scientist and software programmer best known as the chief designer of the Ruby programming language. Matz released the first version of the Ruby programming language in 1995 and still leads the development of the language’s reference implementation, MRI (for Matz’s Ruby Interpreter). He has also worked on several open-source products, including cmail, the emacs-based mail user agent, written in emacs lisp.

Kerri Miller, GitLab – Headline Speaker

Kerri Miller is a Senior Software Engineer at GitLab with over 20 years of development experience. Kerri is an experienced developer and has led a variety of projects on scales ranging from corner store websites to large national brands at “Internet scale”. With years of programming, design, and small team management experience, Kerri’s contributions bridge the gap between the hard demands of technology and the soft desires of business and art.

Ken Mugrage, ThoughtWorks – Headline Speaker

Ken is the Principal Technologist for the Office of the CTO at ThoughtWorks. Ken has nearly 3 decades in the industry and has contributed to the success of multiple conferences. In his current role with ThoughtWorks, Ken is working on helping define and communicate global technical strategy, primarily in emerging technology. Ken has a passion for new tech, especially in the areas of platform and ecosystem enabling technologies such as 5g, IOT, edge computing, and similar.

Gabi Ferrara, Google Cloud – Headline Speaker

Gabi is a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud, solving data problems across a diverse range of storage engines and technologies. Gabi’s mission is to make database development not only a task achievable for DBAs but for the everyday developer. Having 10 years of software development experience, she is an expert in simplifying complex systems and believes abstractions are best when they can be understood in a real-life example.

Deepthi Goguri, Intone Networks Inc. – Headline Speaker

Deepthi a SQL Server Database Administrator with 7 years of experience in Administering SQL Servers. She is a Microsoft certified trainer and Microsoft certified professional with an Associate and Expert level Certification on Data Management and Analytics. She is also a Blogger for

Evan Smith, Solvemate – Headline Speaker

Evan Smith is a Site Reliability Engineer with the remote German company Solvemate and is responsible for managing the infrastructure, CI/CD, incident response and monitoring, as well as promoting a culture of kindness and learning. He’s previously spoken for college societies, private company functions and at SRECon on topics such as web security, SRE in general and capacity planning/monitoring.

Tim Davis, env0 – Headline Speaker

Tim Davis is the DevOps Advocate for env0. Prior to env0, Tim helped build the Cloud and Developer Advocacy team at VMware. His background is in Infrastructure Operations/Architecture, while always focusing on the
critical applications that run the business. While at VMware, his focus area was on DevOps Process/Procedure, and
CI/CD Process/Tooling.

SPOTcon 2021 is a one-day event dedicated to performance, observability, and transformative insight, and officially kicks off on March 26, 2021.

This free virtual event is dedicated to the innovation driven by Open Source collaboration, and Scout APM is proud to support the communities that make so many of our own projects possible. In addition to showcasing work from a diverse set of Open Source contributors, Scout APM is committed to donating $5 to an Open Source foundation for every attendee registered.

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