Common Web Hosting Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Whether you are a business owner or someone pursuing your hobbies, you want your website to showcase your work. 

Hence, you need to buy a domain and web hosting solution that will adequately support your website during its growth. And this will largely involve choosing a reliable NZ web hosting provider.

However, your work here isn’t quite done yet. Even after choosing the perfect hosting solution from a good provider, you may still run into issues. This article will explain how you can overcome common web hosting issues as a website owner, so let’s get started. 

Prevalent Web Hosting Issues and Their Solutions 

Some of the standard web hosting issues and their mitigation measures are discussed below: 

Slow Website Loading 

This is one of the most prominent web hosting problems. If visitors are not given the desired information within a stipulated time frame, they might end up leaving your site. 

Mitigation Measure 

  1. Optimising images would be the most straightforward solution if your website loads slower. 
  2. Switching over to image formats like WebP can largely help with this issue as it is considered the most efficient image format – being up to 50% smaller than JPEG. 
  3. You can also compress original images by 80% by maintaining their high-resolution standards. 

Web Hosting Cost

Creating a website for your business might be essential, but that does not mean it is cheap. Always select affordable costs because your website is a significant investment, but to create an enthralling website, you should not deal with prices you cannot provide for. 

Mitigation Measure

  1. Always remember that options like Shared hosting or VPS hosting can help keep your costs down. 
  2. If you have a larger, resource-intensive website, a cloud hosting service with its pay-as-you-go model could also be beneficial.


Many web hosting companies need to disclose restrictions on their web hosting services. As a result, the user needs help visualising the number of services the web hosting firm provides. 

Mitigation Measures 

  1. To get effortless web hosting in NZ  service, ensure that your website doesn’t run into issues like downtime. Look for 99.9% uptime guarantees. 
  2. Consider scalability. Does your website experience regular traffic spikes or is it growing at a rapid pace? – if this is the case look for hosting solutions that offer easy scalability like VPS hosting, cloud hosting or even a dedicated server if you have the budget for it. 

Low Security

Your website’s security is considered the most essential aspect of web hosting. For an e-commerce business, a security breach can be devastating because it can cause your website to go down, resulting in loss of profits and customer data. Moreover, malware can reduce customers’ trust in your business. 

Mitigation Measures

  1. Always choose a web hosting provider who gives strong protection and does regular security updates and patches. 
  2. Look for providers that offer SSL certification in their hosting package. These can increase website credibility and also positively affect your SEO rankings.  


Even with the best web hosting in NZ you can still run into these web hosting issues as a webiste owner. So, make sure you check for the factors listed in this blog to rule out any obvious factors like image size, low bandwidth or a lack of resources.

Compare the services provided by different web hosting companies. By doing this, you can make an informed decision of choosing the best web hosting service for your website that would quickly resolve all possible customer issues.