Grow Your Mailing List With 9 Top Newsletter Plugins for WordPress

Creating and maintaining a fanbase for your WordPress website is a challenge that plugins can help with. Apart from designing attractive forms and emails, the best solutions give you handy management tools as well.

Here’s a selection of high-ranking newsletter plugins for WordPress domains, including free and paid options. While keeping subscribers happy is important, think about how much effort and money you can put into maintaining a newsletter, not to mention what impact it can have on your site’s performance.

Mailchimp for WordPress Plugin Info

For the best results, your newsletter plugin should tick a few essential boxes, including customizable forms, subscriber monitoring features, and a user-friendly system to organize everything. Mailchimp for WordPress covers them all.

Its free version contains these tools, while allowing smooth integration with other useful plugins like Ninja Forms and WooCommerce. Each addition can open more doors for your newsletters, like personalized recommendations based on a customer’s purchase history.

Another factor to consider is that plugins have system requirements, so make sure yours can support Mailchimp or any other software. If you’re setting up a domain from scratch, browse reliable WordPress hosting providers with this in mind.

A Mailchimp premium license expands existing tools, but also brings more automation into the equation. For example, the user sync feature connects to subscribers’ WordPress accounts and keeps their information on your system up to date.

The Newsletter Plugin for WordPress Info

A newsletter plugin can be both multifunctional and easy to use. Newsletter is a great example, its popularity on WordPress growing fast and for good reason.

It puts as much freedom as possible in your hands and keeps fees in check. The free core software allows unlimited subscribers and newsletters, drag and drop customization, spam control, and so much more.

Even if you decide to add a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) provider to fine-tune your emailing system, Newsletter is already very efficient and welcomes any extra adjustments your website needs.

Premium features like autoresponders, in-depth access to the plugin’s programming, and locked content that require a subscription to enter are worthwhile when you decide to take your newsletter experience to the next level.

If you like simple and lightweight software, MailPoet is another WordPress newsletter-focused plugin to check out. You can install it and start shaping your subscription campaign within a few steps.

There are several templates for different goals to work with, including emails for welcoming or notifying customers. Sending them regularly and on time might be trickier to organize, but the best route is through MailPoet’s system or a third-party SMTP plugin.

With time, designing and managing your newsletters will be a breeze. You can also do it all for free by sticking to the core pack on WordPress or staying below 1,000 subscribers, which gives you access to premium features for nothing.

That said, you won’t regret reaching for your website’s full potential and properly investing in MailPoet’s professional services, especially the ecommerce features for newsletters.

Sendinblue Plugin for WordPress Email Marketing

Being able to easily send the beautiful newsletters you create is an issue you’ll come across when browsing plugins. Fortunately, there are some solutions like Sendinblue that combine design and transfer services from the start.

It’s straightforward to set up and offers a free plan with a basic range of templates, an allowance of 300 emails per day, and tools to plan your newsletter campaign.

There’s loads more to enjoy in terms of marketing, sales, tracking, and so on. Three premium packages bring more and more fun to the table.

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However, if you’re only interested in newsletter features, then paying for extra tools you won’t use might be a waste. You can, at least, put the free WordPress version to work while you decide what you need next.

Icegram Email Subscribers Plugin for WordPress Features

Icegram, the creator of Email Subscribers, is a popular name among web designers and online marketers. This plugin focuses on getting you leads and keeping them engaged through newsletters, updates, broadcasts, and more.

The core software on WordPress lets you gather as many contacts and their information as you want. You get help with newsletters, as well as welcome emails and new post notifications.

Despite limits to templates and integration with other software, it’s a worthwhile deal. Upgrading to a better plan isn’t too expensive either, set at $6.50 and $10.75 per month.

Depending on the type of website you’re running, the extra automation, syncing opportunities, and even security can do much for your marketing and peace of mind.

If you’re happy to put some money towards your newsletter dreams, consider looking at more high-end options like Thrive Leads. It’s an expert and multifunctional marketer in a WordPress box.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to buy the full Thrive Suite to access its Leads features, amounting to $228 annually. However, if you have big plans for your site and business, it’s a great brand and set of tools to have on your side.

In terms of newsletter marketing, you get lots of customizable templates and settings for opt-in forms and the emails themselves. Visitors can even get personalized offers based on precise information the plugin collects.

Extra perks to look forward to include smart buttons, lockable content, and A/B testing tools, which let visitors choose the best designs for your site and, at the same time, engage with your brand on a deeper level.

Mailoptin Plugin for WordPress Email Automation and Newsletters

The first step to building a mailing list is convincing people to subscribe, so you need your WordPress plugin to be as appealing and helpful as possible. MailOptin is a popular choice as it’s efficient and affordable.

As the name suggests, the software focuses on creating good and easy ways for visitors to opt in to your services. You can design popups, notification bars, and forms to fit the brand and website.

But MailOptin doesn’t stop there. It includes tools for customizing and scheduling emails, so your newsletter campaigns, post updates, and interactions with buyers happen smoothly and with minimum hiccups.

The free version provides basic but broad support for keeping new and existing customers happy. Premium licenses bring in better automation, programming, and overall help with corporate needs.

If you’re exploring what popups can do for your site and newsletter campaign, don’t overlook OptinMonster. This is not a free plugin, but its performance alone continues to grow its fanbase.

Whether you’re doing a giveaway or organizing an event, you can use a popup to notify visitors and ask them to sign up. OptinMonster lets you fine-tune how your WordPress site works and links up between forms and pages.

After creating the perfect homepage link for social media, for example, you want the popups on the page itself to look good, appear on time, and function as instructed, but without overwhelming visitors or slowing down loading time.

Unfortunately, OptinMonster only lets you attract, manage, and analyze leads. To stay in touch with subscribers from thereon out, you’ll need another plugin that creates mailing lists and sends emails—any of the solutions above will serve you well.

Elegant Themes Bloom Plugin Features

When it comes to digital marketing software, several high-end options are available, but Elegant Themes and its solutions are at the very top. Bloom is the part of the system that deals with opt-in tools.

Like with Thrive Leads, you have to buy a license that contains all the brand’s software. Nevertheless, it’s an affordable and very promising investment, covering all your business’s marketing and communication needs.

Bloom uses a lot of automation to ensure an attractive and user-friendly experience for admins and visitors. From templates and popup displays to triggers and relations with devices and other software, there’s not much your WordPress website can’t perfect.

Here too, you’ll need third-party plugins to compile emailing lists and send your newsletters. Aim for a small but powerful combination of WordPress software.

Use Newsletters Wisely for Good Marketing

No matter what your experience is with web design or marketing, there are plenty of newsletter plugins to make your life easier. Even the simplest WordPress software on this list can take a lot of weight off your shoulders as you put your campaigns together.

But always be on the lookout for other ways to grab people’s attention. Mobile apps, for example, brim with ideas and opportunities. You just need to make the most of them.

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