How Can I Fix my Computer Problem for Free?

ByFreda D. Cuevas

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How Can I Fix my Computer Problem for Free


In this digital age, it’s hard to imagine living without a computer. But what
do you do when your computer stops working and you don’t have the money to fix
it? There are actually several ways to get your computer up and running again
for free.

You have a computer problem, and you don’t know how to fix it. You’re worried
that if you don’t fix your computer problem, you will lose all your data. Use
this guide to fix your computer problem for free!

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How Can I Fix my Computer Problem for Free?

There are a few ways that you can try to fix your computer problem without
spending any money.

One way is to try to fix the problem yourself. There are a lot of online
resources that can help you do this, such as YouTube videos and articles.

●    Another way is to ask a friend or family member for help.
They may be able to help you solve the problem or they may know someone who

●    Finally, you can also call a computer technician
Geek Squad alternatives in Edmonton
to help you fix the problem. This is probably the most expensive option, but
it may be worth it if you don’t have any other options.

Five Common Problems of Computer?

1. Overheating

There are several ways that you can help to prevent your computer from
overheating. One is to make sure that your computer is in a ventilated area.
You can also purchase the
Beast Laptops team recommended cooling
pad for your laptop, or use a fan to help circulate air around your desktop.
If your computer is already overheating, there are some steps you can take to
cool it down.

One is to reduce the load on your computer by closing unnecessary programs.
You can also try cleaning the inside of your computer with a compressed air
duster and making sure that all of the fans are working properly. If you’re
still having problems, you may need to call a technician for assistance.

2. Viruses and Malware

Where would we be without viruses and malware? These pesky little programs can
cause all sorts of problems on our computers, from making them run slowly to
crashing them altogether. But what can we do about them?

There are a few things you can do to help protect your computer from viruses
and malware. First, make sure you have an antivirus program installed and
up-to-date. You can find free antivirus programs online, or you may be able to
get one through your internet service provider. Second, be careful about the
websites you visit and the files you download. Only download files from
trusted sources, and avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from
emails that look suspicious.

If your computer does become infected with a virus or malware, there are a few
things you can do to try to fix the problem.

3. Blue Screens of Death

There are a few different types of blue screens of death, but they all have
one thing in common: they’re caused by a problem with your computer’s hardware
or software. In most cases, the blue screen is caused by a driver conflict,
defective hardware, or software corruption.

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There are several ways to fix a blue screen of death:

Restart your computer: This is the simplest and most effective way to
fix most blue screens. If the blue screen is caused by a driver conflict,
defective hardware, or software corruption, restarting your computer will
usually fix the problem.

Update your drivers: Outdated drivers can often cause blue screens of

4. Low Battery Life

Laptops or computers are a part of our everyday lives. We use them for work,
school, and just to kill time. But what happens when our computer’s battery
dies? We are left with a powerless machine and no way to fix it. Unless we
have a power adapter or an external battery, our computer is useless.

This is a problem for many people because the battery life of most computers
is not very long. In fact, it can sometimes last for only a few hours before
needing to be plugged in again. This can be very annoying when you are trying
to work on something important and your computer dies right in the middle of

There are some things that you can do to help increase the battery life of
your computer, but they may not be very effective.

5. Outdated Software

Computers are amazing machines that have a lot of capabilities. However, when
they don’t work right, it can be very frustrating. What do you do if your
computer is running slow, keeps crashing, or won’t startup? There are a few
things you can try before you have to go out and buy a new one.

One thing you can do is run a virus scan. Viruses can make your computer run
really slow and cause it to crash. There are free virus scans available online
or you can buy a program like Norton or McAfee.

Another thing you can do is delete unnecessary files from your computer. You
can free up space on your hard drive by deleting cookies, temporary internet
files, and old programs that you don’t use anymore.


In conclusion, there are a few ways to fix computer problems for free. If the
issue is with the software, there are many helpful online resources. If the
problem is with the hardware, there are also a few options, such as taking the
computer to a technician or doing it yourself. No matter what the issue is, it
is important to find the right solution and get your computer back up and
running as soon as possible.


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