How to Create a Google Account Without Gmail

If your email ends in then you automatically have a Google account. You would also have a Google account if your school uses Google Workspace (or whatever they are calling it these days.) Does your district email look like Gmail but does not end in That is a Google Workspace account. What if you have neither of these? You might wonder how to create a Google account without Gmail?

Your school uses Microsoft Office. I am currently teaching at a Microsoft school. There are many things I love about Office but I have a lot of my resources in Google. Especially my Google Jamboards. What I was able to do was create a Google account for my school account.

Create Your Google Account

When you try to create a Gmail account there is an option to NOT have Gmail and only have a Google account.

When attempting to sign up for a Google account it gives you the option to create a username but Do not fill this in! Instead, click on “Use my current email address instead.”

How to Create a Google Account Without Gmail by clicking on use my current email address instead

You will set up a password and confirm your email address from your Outlook account. The password you create does NOT have to be the same as your Outlook password.

Go to Google Drive

After confirming your email address you now have access to everything Google offers except Gmail. Go to and log in with your regular email address and the password you made (again, this might not be the same as your Outlook password.)

Shared on Google Docs

If a Google users shares a Google Doc or a Google Jamboard or other Google document you can login with your email address you registered. It will SEEM like your Office (or AOL or Yahoo or Hotmail or whatever) email is a Gmail… but it’s not.

Making a Google Account for your non Google email address makes it significantly easier for people to share with you. It is free and now you get the benefits of Office (if you’re an Office user) AND Google. Win Win!

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