Developers are hugely in demand at the moment thanks to a long-term tech skills gap in the UK. It is an attractive route: they earn about £40,000 on average and can work their way up to six-figure salaries.

Developers can work in freelance, permanent or flexible jobs, specialise or opt for general roles and can claim to work in one of the most exciting, burgeoning areas in the economy. 

No wonder so many options are emerging for people to start or switch their careers to coding.

We review some of the best courses and bootcamps in the UK for those looking to make the leap: from paid or free options to day courses or 16-week programmes.

Online vs classroom courses

Online courses let you work at a pace that suits you, drop in and out and not have to leave the comfort of your home, while also generally being cheaper than the in-person alternatives. But there are also some potential drawbacks to consider.

Online learning requires more self-motivation and taking responsibility of managing your learning. For those that may struggle with this, a face-to-face class could be the better option. They’re more intense, but you are given more on-hand support and it’s likely you’ll achieve more in a tighter time scale 

Classroom education is more expensive, but for those who want to quickly get to grips with in-depth topics, it might be worth it. 

Code First Girls

Code Your Future



Le Wagon

React GraphQL Academy

Mayden Academy

Makers Academy

We Got Coders

General Assembly



Founders and Coders


The City Literary Institute

City University of London


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