Norfolk warning over scammers trying to control computers


7:47 PM June 5, 2022

Scammers claiming criminals are controlling people’s computers in Norfolk have prompted Trading Standards to issue a warning.

Norfolk Trading Standards say callers claim to work for well-known computer software, telecoms or broadband suppliers and claim the recipient has a problem with their computer or internet.

These scammers often make claims about viruses and say “criminals are controlling your machine” or “hackers are accessing your router”.

Other claims include them saying criminals will be “blocking you from the internet” or “cutting off broadband access” if the recipient does not agree to immediate work to fix the issue.

The caller will then attempt to gain remote access to the computer in an attempt to plant malicious software on to the computer or access personal information held on the computer, including account log-in information and bank details, which can be used to commit fraud.

Victims can also end up being asked to pay for what the fraudster has done.

If scammers do not succeed at first contact they have been known to try calling again repeatedly.

Also, where they have been successful in charging a fee the scammers have targeted people again telling them the problem has returned.

In the event of being targeted by this scam people should call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133.


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