OPPO A53 smartphone review: Good battery and tons of compromises

Are you having a big crush on Reno4, but only have a very minimal budget? Buy Oppo A53 only. Then the best alternative for the OPPO smartphone that you can choose is the Oppo A53 Price. The price of the latest OPPO A series smartphone is half that of Reno4

Despite its status as an entry-level smartphone, the features and specifications of the OPPO A53 Price are very attractive in its class. One of its charms is that it has a screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. So it makes you curious, right? Here are three important features in the OPPO A53.

Neo Display 90Hz

The main dish served by OPPO A53 Price is the use of 90Hz Neo-Display. The screen measures 6.5 inches with a resolution of 720 × 1600 pixels in a 20: 9 ratio, uses an IPS LCD panel with a 90Hz refresh rate and also a 120Hz touch sampling rate.

The advantages of a screen with a high refresh rate not only make playing games more exciting, but also make interface movements and animations / effects when swiping or scrolling through applications smoother. Then, the high touch sampling rate ensures that the screen is responsive to finger touch.

In addition, the OPPO A53 screen features eye protection and AI Brightness which automatically adjusts the backlight after learning the user’s brightness preferences. The goal is that we remain comfortable when using OPPO A52 to watch videos of study materials or films for a long time.