Profiting From Computer Accessories Sale


Selling computer accessories such as memory chips, hard disks, flash memory cards, external storage devices, monitors, cables and input devices, among others, is a very lucrative business, says, the owner of a startup computer shop at computer village, Lagos, Emeka Orji.

However, Orji disclosed that the computer industry is very competitive, adding that, startup business like his, struggle to survive due to the harsh business environment.

“There are already established big companies who supply computer and its accessories to well established organisations. However, with determination and zeal, I was able to carve a name for myself,” he explains.

Setting Up A Computer Accessories Business

To start with, Orji disclosed that one needs to study the market. “For me, I started by working at a computer accessories shop at Computer Village, Lagos. I worked with my boss for eight years. During that time, I learnt where he buys his products,” he adds.

After learning the business, Orji said, his next step was to know the market size. “The market size is huge, despite the competition. Imagine all the companies in Nigeria that is how big the market size is. All you need to do is to visit these companies and sell your products to them,” he said.

After learning the market, Orji said he had to raise funds to start the business. “I raised the sum of N5 million. With that, I was able to rent a shop at computer village, registered my company’s name with CAC and I buy my computer products from those who import them into the country,” he says..


Selling of computer accessories is a very profitable business, says Orji, adding that, you can double the amount of money used in buying the product within a month, if you are committed.

Survival Secret

Orji disclosed that one needs to have passion, zeal and be consistent in the business.

“All you need to do is to be consistent in marketing your products. Just because I have a shop, does not mean, I will sit at the shop all day, waiting for customers to walk in. I go out there, advertising my product. I remembered the day, I had to wait for the head of IT unit of a bank, pleading with him to start buying from me. Luckily for me, the man saw my ‘hustle’ and started patronising me, till this day.

“Another thing one must know in the business, is the fact that, you must sell good products to your clients. The day you start selling substandard product, would be the end of your business. It is difficult to convince people to trust you. Once the trust is earn, don’t mess up.”



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