Save $20 on the Logitech F710 and get 1 free month of Artboard Studio

The Chromebook Perks page was quietly updated recently to include several new Perks for new and existing Chromebook owners. Among them was a two-month free trial of the popular DocuSign service, and before that, an online digital audio workstation called Amped Studio. Now, the page was updated yet again with even more free goodies for you to claim. Today, Google is offering a free month of an incredibly powerful and intriguing web app called Artboard Studio, and a steep discount on the Logitech F710 controller.

Artboard Studio

I’d actually never heard of Artboard Studio before today, and that surprises me! The open web is massive, but I’m well acquainted with the web applications that are out there for designers. Artboard Studio looks insane – you can drag and drop elements into a scene to create marketing materials. The most interesting part is its intelligent use of logos and how it applies them to the objects in the scene. To my understanding, these are 2D objects, but the logos and designs can be applied as though they’re three-dimensional.


I would normally create something like this in Blender or Maya for 3D modeling, but this company has managed to make it possible through the web with an accessible piece of software. Truly stunning. If you visit the Chromebook Perks page using the blue button at the bottom of this article, you’ll find a free month of Artboard’s professional plan (a $15 value, for a limited time only) and you can claim it without charge using your Chromebook!

Design, animate and present your projects with an extensive library of mockups right inside the browser with your team. It features an ever-growing library of mockups and templates. Choose from carefully crafted free mockup templates, or start from scratch and design your own scene with an extensive library of items.

Logitech F710 Controller

The Logitech F710 gamepad is a fantastic accessory for any gamer who owns a Chromebook. We have one of these, and we often use it to play Google Play games that have built-in controller support. One of the best games you can play while toting this controller around in your Chromebook’s laptop bag is Dead Cells. I should also mention that you can use this directly to play Stadia games like Resident Evil Biohazard or any of your other Stadia Pro titles for April using the new Stadia Pro Chromebook perk. Use the button below to visit the Perks page and claim your $20 discount for this. It normally costs $50, but you’ll be able to snag one for just $29.99 for a limited time.

Meet the gear from Logitech G that’s certified Works With Chromebook. The Works With Chromebook badge means that this Logitech G gear meets compatibility standards to work seamlessly with Chromebooks. This product has been certified to meet Google’s compatibility standards.


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