Stewart Platform Wields Magic Fingers To Massage Your Scalp

ByFreda D. Cuevas

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Awareness Hackaday editors: We on the producing crew hereby formally ask for budget allocation for installing a Stewart platform head massager on the chair of every single workstation in the key underground writer’s bunker. We feel the gains that will accrue many thanks to diminished tension by yourself will much more than justify the modest upfront costs. Thank you for your consideration.

Ok, maybe that ask for is likely nowhere, but having been on the acquiring stop of these unusually calming springy scalp stimulators, we can see in which [David McDaid] was going with this job. As he obviously states up front, this is a ridiculously about-engineered way to get your scratchies on, but there’s pretty small not to appreciate about it. Stewart platforms, which can place a surface area with six levels of independence and vary in dimensions from straightforward ball balancers to total-blown movement simulators, are interesting equipment, and we just can’t think of a much better way to study about them than by setting up one.

Like all Stewart platforms, [David]’s is mechanically uncomplicated but kinematically difficult, and he requires great pains to determine out all the math and demonstrate it in an approachable design and style. The unit is mounted with the conclusion-effector pointed down, permitting the intended massagee to insert their noggin into the enterprise finish and acquire the massage pattern of their alternative. Searching at the GIFs down below, it is uncomplicated to see why [David] favors the extra complexity of a Stewart, which helps make exciting designs like “The Calmer” doable. They’re all intriguing, even though the less claimed about “The Neck Breaker” the greater, we’d say.

Hats off (lol) to [David] for this needless advanced but entertaining construct.



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