7 Benefits of Telecommuting That Prove It's Here to Stay


Teleworking is a way of working that allows an individual to carry out his professional activity outside the premises of the company with which he is under contract. A teleworker can work as an employee or as a self-employed worker. If you want to get started as a teleworker, there many remote jobs on the net with US-reviews and other information resources that can help you get started. Conversely, too many small and medium-sized companies do not know the advantages that this way of working could offer their organization and do not offer it to their employees. In this article, we will list the advantages of teleworking to the employee and the employer. We will also give you the few disadvantages that this way of working creates.

The advantages of teleworking for a worker



A teleworker gains independence so far as he organizes his working day as he sees fit. Depending on what has been negotiated with their employer, some teleworkers can work from wherever and anytime they want.


Time saving

Transportation to work is a waste of time for many people. In some cases, this figure is in tens of hours lost annually spent commuting through a car, a train or a bus. Telecommuting allows you to save those hours and put them to use for more productive endeavors.


People with disabilities

Teleworking makes it easier for businesses to hire people with disabilities who can only work from home.

The disadvantages of teleworking


The risk of isolation

Without a predefined framework for interaction with the office, some people risk isolation. Before starting to telework, it is necessary to prepare yourself so as not to risk loneliness and other mental health challenges.


The obligation to be autonomous

A teleworker has no schedule or supervisor to supervise him, which therefore place the responsibility of time management, proactiveness and organization on him. He must organize himself to achieve the objectives set by his employer.


The feeling of missing out on opportunities

From time to time, a teleworker may feel that he is missing out on opportunities for a promotion within his company because he is far from where decisions are made.

Gadgets /products that makes teleworking easier

Working from home can also be complicated: you need to have a dedicated space (when possible) and the best tools to be at the peak of your productivity. Companies like Chinavasion and others offer a selection of practical tools to help you get organized if you need to work from home. Depending on the type of industry you operate in, some gadgets to aid your productivity alongside the regular ones like modem/internet connectivity, mobile phones, computers, notepads, printers/scanners, etc. include


A large mouse pad

For starters, a large mouse pad is ideal for setting up a good desk. Your keyboard and mouse will be much better installed on it, and it will have the merit of making your desktop much more beautiful.


Desk lamp

Your office should be clean, tidy and it should also be well lit! A lack of brightness can indeed be very uncomfortable during working hours, and lighting plays a more than important role in creating an atmosphere and promoting concentration.


Since you are more likely to receive multiple video calls, you should get all the necessary equipment to make your calls at your ease. You might need to get an external USB webcam, especially if you are used to tilting your laptop screen down or facing an external monitor. You can put the webcam on your desk below your monitor or easily mount it on top of your external monitor.

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