The 5 Best Software Testing Courses on JanBask Training

Solutions Review compiled the top software testing courses on JanBask Training for network engineers and administrators of all skill levels.

Software testing is a critical task for business IT as the importance of software and application performance in the eyes of consumers increases. The ability to test your software to ensure it’s working properly is paramount to delivering a satisfying user experience across your software library. Online courses and training are great resources who those who want to learn more about software testing..

With this in mind, the editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of top-rated JanBask Training software testing courses to consider taking. Each course in its catalog is taught by industry experts in software, creativity, and business skills. Courses are listed in no particular order.

5 Software Testing Courses on JanBask Training

Course Title: Performance Testing Training & Certification

OUR TAKE: Testing for software performance is essential for IT and software developers, and this certification course teaches everything you need to know about it — including testing and tuning techniques, standards and processes, web and server apps, and performance monitoring.

Description: Our Performance Testing certification course gives you a depth insight into software behavior during workload. Here, you will learn how to check the latency and response time of software. You can also check either software application is efficient for scaling or not. The course gives you the strength to analyze the overall performance of an application under different types of loads.


Course Title: Manual Testing Training & Certification

OUR TAKE: For those who need to learn the fundamentals of manual software testing, this if the course for you. Topics covered include the software development life cycle, roles and responsibilities for software testing, test administration, and quality assurance.

Description: The Manual Testing Course at JanBask Training will help you to master the software testing concepts like test case development, different types of testing, software testing methodologies, test case design techniques, different levels of testing, testing environment, and testing tools, etc. You will also work on real-time projects to gain relevant skills and experience that can change your career graph.


Course Title: Selenium Certification Training

OUR TAKE: Organizations and users who want to integrate Selenium into their workflow should consider this training course that discusses Selenium’s history, key components and features, automation testing, and the Selenium integrated development environment.

Description: Gain excellent testing skills with a new-age Selenium training and certification course. Join this Selenium training and get great exposure to the best industry-wide practices and methodologies.


Course Title: Automation Testing Training & Certification

OUR TAKE: Automation is a key focus for many modern businesses, and automation testing is no exception. This course covers all the basics of testing via automation through practical examples using the Selenium platform, Java for Selenium, and web UI automation.

Description: JanBask’s Automation testing training program will help you to become an expert in the automation testing domain with a focus on error-free software development and quality assurance. You will learn about automation testing concepts, selenium basics, Selenium WebDriver, testing frameworks, and techniques to automate the web UI.


Course Title: QTP/UFT Training & Certification

OUR TAKE: Unified Functional Testing, previously known as QuickTest Professional, has been a top-rated testing software for 20 years. This course discusses everything you need to know about using UFT, such as how the software works, testing through UFT, and UFT automation.

Description: Our QTP/UFT training is completely based on the automation testing that will help you to master various concepts of test automation in detail. You will learn everything practically, including functional and regression testing. Because of the high demand for QTP exerts in the modern IT space, this training program can help you to become a successful tester.


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