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Finding the right software to help your business thrive doesn’t require that you spend all your money to do so. As the world continues to rely on technology to conduct business and to socialize, the corporate world’s need to keep up with the right tools in place is mandatory to their success. Especially if you have a business that is just starting out, finding the right software without breaking the bank will be crucial to your ability to maintain and oversee your business’s activity and successes. As demand for affordable tools has grown, there are, fortunately, many free software options available for download to keep your business in top shape. Here we list the top 10 free software products your business needs to thrive.

1. Free website builders

Having a successful business today requires that you maintain quality and an active online presence. The first order of business is to get your main website up and running, so customers know where to go to find your products and services. Depending on your business’s complexity and what it offers, different website builders will make more sense than others based on your needs. We highly recommend Wix as a top free website builder for small businesses with simplistic products and services. Wix is one of the most user-friendly website builders available, and you can use the plan for free. If you feel that your business is involved or will grow into something more significant over time, you might consider using web hosting services to support these enhancements. Two affordable options are HostGator and Web Hosting. If you’re looking for a website builder that’s somewhere in the middle, consider Squarespace. You can select your design layout in an advanced but still user-friendly format and insert any portfolio work or samples you want to include on your site. Basic plans range from $10-$12 per month, making this an affordable option for businesses following tight budgets.

2. Free remote support: Corporate Armor Connect & Fix

Need a free remote support alternative to Teamviewer? Try Corporate Armor Connect & Fix. This is a free desktop software that offers businesses free remote support, allowing you to connect with staff and clients from anywhere and everywhere. The software’s features include enhancements like transfer sessions, file transfer, drawing tools, and so much more. As you learn the ropes of this remote alternative, you can upgrade to ISL Online and gain additional online access features at an affordable price.

3. Free virtual private network services

Online security is a growing need as the world continues to shift towards a digital economy. To protect your information from threats, integrate free virtual private network services (VPN) services to hide content from threats and prevent access to network content altogether. While the majority of VPN services out there require that you pay as you go, there is one service that stands out for offering free service without slacking on protection: CyberGhost. CyberGhost offers a three-month free service option so that you can introduce the protection you need at no cost to you. CyberGhost is compatible with the majority of operating systems making the integrations a simple, hassle-free process for you. As you become more comfortable with the service, you may consider upgrading to premium plans that give even more protection.

4. Remote support with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a software that provides remote access and control of computers and communication within a company. They offer a free 14-day trial so that you can see the benefit of having your IT management work at its optimal performance with this remote service provider.

5. Free endpoint protection services

To stop hackers and viruses from snatching your data and shutting down your systems, lean on Avast, a free endpoint protection service that includes malware blocking, rescue disk, and security scanning protection, all at no cost to you. There is also an additional premium version that you can pay for in order to gain more control over your services. However, the free option is still a great stepping stone for businesses on a budget looking for the best protection. While the upgraded versions allow you to have more control over your security, the features already know when threats are coming in and can handle shutting them down. This complexity adds to the free version’s value and gives you the hands-free reassurance you need to know your networks are protected.

6. Free project management services

It isn’t easy to manage a business without project management solutions. Now you can include as many collaborators as you want on 2 GB of storage, all for free. Help your team stay focused by integrating Wrike’s free management and sharing features under their free, real-time feed, and Wrike’s additional project management solutions. You can upload and mark off tasks as they are completed and even keep track of team member progress as project milestones emerge. Wrike also allows team members to communicate with each other quickly, and all of this activity can be overseen by the administrator. If you are looking for a less comprehensive way to manage tasks, consider Asana, a task management software with a free version available for small teams. Manage tasks and daily activities without missing a step. Updates can be edited at any time with this user-friendly version.

7. Free video conferencing service

Staying connected with colleagues and clients has never been easier or cheaper with For free, you can include ten video guests with the ability to share screens and maintain the support of five video feeds at a time. This is all under the company’s free plan. has excellent reviews as being the top free video conferencing service provider around. Rather than pay a fortune for video conferencing alternatives, spend less and gain even better quality as a result. This is a great option for small businesses or businesses with a limited client base. The ten-person cut-off for conferencing makes communication effective without the overwhelm of having to keep track of endless screens during sessions. Plus, while no conferencing platform is immune to freezing, with fewer people communicating at once, there is likely less lag time during conversations with a lower number of active users engaged in the calls.

8. Free social media management

Need a free way to stay on top of your social media marketing? Look no further than Hootsuite Free, the free, user-friendly platform software that monitors customer interactions and insights on one dashboard. You can also schedule when to post and when to interact with your audience. This necessary analytic evaluation makes it simple for businesses with tight budgets to maintain their digital marketing without paying a fortune on experts to manage their campaigns. Hootsuite also has upgraded plans that you can pay for to gain more monitoring and access over your social media marketing as your business grows. Hootsuite Free is a great way to get your feet wet and stay on track with your digital marketing.

9. Free email marketing

Research shows that maintaining customer and audience engagement is best supported by strategies like email marketing. Use MailChimp to send under 12,000 emails each month under their MailChimp’s Forever Free version. The more subscribers and emails you want to spend, the more you’ll pay as your company grows. Especially for small businesses, this is a great solution to keep customers loyal without spending a cent. Small companies can update customers with new products and services as they come out or promote sales and specials in advance. Letting customers know what to expect will give them more reason to consider you in the future, increasing your chances of scoring sales and customer loyalty in the process.

10. Free survey tools

Monitoring your customer feedback is essential to the success of your business. Get a general idea of what your customers like and dislike using SurveyGizmo, a free plan that allows you to control how many surveys you include to target customers. In addition to limitless surveys, you’ll get to choose from 25 question types, as well as an additional tool to monitor visual data. You can receive endless responses in feedback, adding to the value of this free tool. Upgrades are available at various costs per plan version. Still, the free plan is of considerable value when you consider the fact that you can include as many surveys, questions, and responses as you want to track customer feedback effectively.

The bottom line

The free tools you need to send your business off in the right direction are out there. Even if you end up upgrading down the road, these preliminary options are effective ways to get your business moving. Now, it is easy to take control of how your business is organized and conducted from the digital setting. The need for online business management integration tools is commonplace in today’s fast-paced digital world, so stay ahead of the competition and take a chance downloading some of these free tools today.