Web development industry is transforming rapidly, it goes without saying that you need to align your business goals with the latest industry trends to outrun your competitors. In this post, let’s see 10 web development trends that will be most popular in 2021 and help you scale your business and tap more markets. Lets get started and find out top web development trends in 2021.

  • Voice Search Optimization is the New Normal

Voice Search Optimization is one of the leading web development trends 2021. The technology has witnessed a considerable spike in its demand and supply. People are either talking about Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, or Google Assistant from Google. In the coming years, more and more apps will incorporate this feature to provide the convenience of searching things to their users.

43% of people shop online via voice-enabled devices.

  • Web Assembly to Boost Ranking

The website’s performance is vital to gain more visibility in the SERP and enhance user experience. Web Assembly is the latest framework that is not dependent on particular platforms or programming languages. This framework executes a code much faster than Javascript and optimizes the performance of a website. Hence, every web development company should leverage this framework to rank their applications on top of SERPs and deliver an excellent user experience.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that Provide App-Like Experiences in Offline Mode

PWAs are unique apps designed to support cutting-edge functionalities, responsive action, app-like functions, etc. The best part? They are designed to work in offline mode. A progressive web app offers the benefits of both classic websites and native apps. The web technologies used to create PWAs include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This trend will make waves, and many developers will build websites using this trend in 2021.

A recent research shows that mobiles dominate over other devices such as desktops or tablets.

  • Single-Page websites to make applications lightweight

Single page websites are the most preferred trend in 2021. These are great for freelancers, individuals, and particular product websites. Such websites accommodate less space and let end users find things quickly without browsing through multiple pages. Since there is a single webpage, it’s easy to create and manage them.

  • Artificial Intelligence to exhibit highly relevant information

Artificial Intelligence makes it apparent for websites to display interesting and relevant information for particular users. With every visit to a platform, AI collects surplus information about a user. With the help of this, the smart technology formulates information that is relevant to their searches. By implementing this technology on your website, you can serve the interest of your consumers appropriately.

  • Motion Design UI revitalizes web interface

With motion design, you can develop highly engaging web pages, apps, and graphics. It boosts user engagement and increases the time a visitor spends on your website. It creates an intuitive interface for your website and guides a user by telling them what to do.

  • Mobile-first approach to accelerate

Mobile-first approach in the web development realm has gained traction in recent years. The number of mobile users has surpassed the number of people using a desktop. Mobile-first design offers much more than just responsiveness. Google is also considering mobile-optimized design as a ranking factor and improves performance on search engine result pages.

  • Chatbots to engage users more

Chatbots offer automated communication solutions. This trend is expected to rise more in the future. Using machine learning algorithms, chatbots answer human queries without any assistance. You can use chatbots to answer common questions and speed up the problem-solving process. This way, you can save time, money, and resources to find and hire customer support executives.

Consumers and businesses to save over 2.5 billion customer service hours by 2023

  • Mean-React-Vue encourages code reusability

Mean is a free and open-source Javascript software stack that enables website builders to build dynamic websites and web applications. Since Mean supports Javascript, applications are generally written in one language for client-side and server-side execution environments.

React Library plays a significant role as it replaces Angular in the Mean stack. This technology enables rapid changes and is hence preferred over Angular. Similarly, Vue has secured its position in the global market soon after giants like Alibaba and Xiaomi started using it. It offers a compact solution for front-end development.

  • Website Security Features to Safeguard you from Data Breaches

Hackers breach numerous websites every day. Several businesses are leveraging digital platforms, and therefore, it is crucial to keep your website protected. Besides, your website may contain sensitive consumer information that can be leaked.

Having said that, developers have started using HTTPS protocol to ensure secure communication. In addition to that, they should also update their software regularly and incorporate effective password management solutions.


Integrating the latest web development trends enables developers to appease their users with exceptional user experience, enhance their web apps’ ranking, and open new markets for their products and services. Hence, if you have not yet started implementing these trends, it’s high time you should start considering these and get it implemented with the help of a leading web development company. In case you need any help for your business, then feel free to reach me or my team. We will be happy to help you.