Must try these amazing appointment schedulers

If you have been facing appointment booking hassles for a long time, then very quickly, you need to find a viable solution to cut short the unnecessary time taken to keep the ball rolling. Here we go!

Amyra Sheldon


Hello, friends! How often do you find yourself in unforeseen situations, prioritizing emails, or scheduling an appointment? The need for an appointment scheduling app is realized in such a high-octane pressure environment.

So what makes an appointment scheduling app a huge hit?

Now, it’s a fact that many essential emails go unnoticed. That’s why organizations are becoming very particular about sending e-mails in place of using dedicated software for scheduling meetings and with potential and existing customers without replying to e-mails.

Especially in the corporate world, this is an inevitable experience unless you are using some automated platforms. That is why appointment scheduling software is as handy as any other utility.

So, why should firms invest in an appointment scheduling app?

Minimizing administrative tasks and relying on automated schedulers gives everyone peace of mind, which earlier appeared as an energy-sapping task.

Here are the top characteristics of an excellent appointment scheduling solution you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Reducing the no. of e-mails and scheduling a meeting
  • Sending scheduled reminders for appointment
  • Syncing with the Calendar
  • Setting reminders for appointments

Suppose you have advantageous factors like a free and paid online appointment scheduling app to spike the sales process to book meetings when it is best for them. SINCE TIME IS NEXT TO MONEY! Wouldn’t you like syncing your tools with your calendar and meeting reminders? Neither you nor your patrons miss out on something significant?

Proper utilization of time is on par with an intelligent investment. And makes it easier for peers to invest time but eliminating unnecessary emails smartly.

Get Started with Free Meeting Scheduling Software. Here you’ll learn some of the best appointment scheduling app? Here we are discussing both free meeting scheduling apps and premium ones. Let’s dive in.

1. Calendar

Price: Free (Basic), $6/ month for three calendars(Standard), $8/month for 10 calendars(Pro)


It is an AI-enabled digital calendar, scheduling, and time management solution for individuals and teams. The good thing is that it syncs Google Calendar, iCal, (Apple Calendar), and Outlook Calendar into a single dashboard, customize, and share. You can use it as a virtual assistant to learn your schedule and begin meeting planning, invitations, and scheduling changes.

Opting for a paid version gives you the leverage to add meeting transcriptions with a wide range of analytics. It helps to keep track of spending time in meetings with people.

A top-rated appointment scheduling app, and is very helpful in booking appointments with undue advantages.

2. Appointlet

Price: Free & $8/month (Premium)

This appointment booking software is ideal for salespeople and aids in customizing their availability, booking pages, and sending them to customers and prospects.

Appointlet helps easy integration of websites, landing pages, and e-mails. It does not offer a paid pricing tier, including unlimited booking, meeting types, and form fields.

3. Doodle

Price: Free(Basic), $7 one user/month(Beginners), $44.75 for 5 users/month(Team), enterprise pricing

It works as a guide, creates a meeting survey to send clients and prospects, and allows voting on dates compatible with all Doodle free versions.

The free version is quite helpful for most individuals needing to upgrade to the premium pricing tier by removing ads from polls, setting a deadline for the survey, and extract contact information from meeting guests.

On the other hand, the paid version of Doodle scheduling software helps find a time to meet work for all attendees. The meeting host suggests a meeting time, invites participants, their availability, and hosts picks a final time.

Once the time is sealed, a calendar event is added to the host and meeting invitees’ calendars. Plus, the dashboard features manage all the meetings in the pipeline.

4. VisiBook

Price: Free, $6.99/ month(Basic), $13.99/ Month(standard), $19.99/month


Appointment reminders and calendar synchronization are the top characteristics of Visibook in scheduling apps; however, this platform offers you more than expected. If you are in the practice of accepting deposits or booking fees from customers before booking appointments, Visibook provides features with automated payment processing integration. A more consultative approach to your meetings allows you to communicate with customers through(email or text messages) and keep all that correspondence in one place.

Do you want to add features? You can try these paid options, comprised of the following features:

  • The meeting scheduling tool can be viewed, managed, and edited by multiple users and administrators
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Extraction of Contact information from booked meetings

If you’re looking to manage the tasks efficiently, this top appointment scheduling software will be an ideal match for all your administrative tasks.

5. Set More

If you’re looking for free appointment scheduling and a payment platform for a public-facing booking, it can be an ideal appointment scheduling app.

6. Arrangr


Arrangr is an intelligent platform that ensures booking a meeting in 30 seconds. It is instrumental in preventing all meeting miscommunication and determine the place and way to meet all in one platform.

It correlates with the HubSpot ecosystem so that you can launch and send in 30 seconds. Miscommunication often results in wasting precious time !. So it helps in a way by letting contact determine places and ways to meet within the platform.

7. Square Appointments

Price: Individual(Free), $50 +2.5% +$0.10/month for 3–5 calendars, $90 +2.5 % + $0.10/month 6–10/team, pricing contact

It is an ideal flexible booking payment platform and possesses features worthy of your attention. With that, you can set up a free customer booking website, activate automated text, email notifications, charge cancellation fees for no-shows, and accept integrated payment forms ally syncing with the platform.

8. Honey Book

Price: $9/ month (Beginner), $34/month (Unlimited), $390/year (Unlimited Annual)


Honey Book is an ideal tool to manage the entire sales process. You can easily manage booking as a whole throughout the sales process. It helps you book initial meetings with prospects and send invoices, contracts, and business proposals whenever they are ready. Managing your clients with Honey Book integrates with other tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, and more.

9. Schedule Once

Schedule Once pricing starts at $15.00 per user per month. It offers a free version trial.


Schedule Once gives you a comprehensive tool that allows creating scheduling scenarios you think. Be it group sessions to one-on-one calls to in-person meetings. Schedule Once is always there for you. Also, it gives you the leverage to visit the navigated email provider, payment system & website.

You will feel free and forget the back-and-forth and choose the meeting scheduler that gives you the advantage of the situation. With scheduling and booking software, you can save much time, take the business to the next level and enhance productivity where it matters the most.

10. Gen Book

The Pricing starts at $25 per month (annual with no-obligation free-day 30 days trial.


Small businesses often need to schedule several meetings and manage multiple calendars. GenBook provides a convenient and affordable scheduling app and booking solution. If you’re a small and medium-sized business, then it is most suitable for prioritizing customer reviews, client management, and payments for using one such app.

11. Appointy

Price:Free, $19.99 per user/month (Growth), $49.99 user/month (Professional), $79.99 user/month (Enterprise)


If you’re running a brick-and-mortar business, then you’re bound to practice Covid-appropriate protocols to maintain social distancing. Appointy is an ideal app for you. It is not only about scheduling meetings, but it gives occupancy too. If you need consultations, appointments, classes, Appointy ensures all business meets regulations with all appointments.

Ending Note: With these mentioned tools, I believe you will become very sure which appointment tools to choose. If you’re a big enterprise with flexible needs, then you can try paid versions as per your course of actions & activities. For start-ups, they can either go for the free or paid version. The good thing about this appointment software is they are not limited to a targeted service industry. Subscribing to an online appointment scheduling app is just the first step to autonomously executing all your appointment-related activities.

If you’re looking for the best appointment scheduling software, then you shouldn’t make decisions in haste; instead, go with a tried and tested method. I have further squeezed my list into three: Calendar, Appointlet, & VisiBooks. So choose the one wisely!