The world has been intricately connected through social media. A business, even the smallest ones, need the power of social media to survive the competition. We’ve got this covered for you by bringing a compilation of the top social media management services in Plano. There are so many avenues for the growth of your brand’s social media presence that it will be difficult for you to manage them all. A wise person knows how to delegate tasks for others to do. Teamwork is by far one of the most important components of a good business.

By hiring an agency, you are making your task easier to just concentrate on improving your business and leaving the task of promoting it to other people. Social media is now the better alternative to other methods for boosting your business. A good social media presence will guarantee an eager audience that will await the launch of your products and your business will thrive if you invest in any one of the many options we have provided for you. So let’s get started on giving a dose of energy to your business!

List of Social Media Management Agencies in Plano


FullyDigital is one of the best social media management agencies in Plano. It was established in Dallas, Texas in 2015. It is a company of 10-50 employees. The agency charges around $20-$50 per hour, but also offers set rates for management services. Voted as one of the top creative and designing agencies alongside being a top marketing and advertising agency by Clutch, the FullyDigital agency has been rising consistently by providing amazing results to its clients. It first came into the spotlight when it was hired by an automobile leasing company.

The agency put its all in email marketing, banners, and even billboards for the client. The results were marvelous of course, and FullyDigital skyrocketed to being one of the top social media management services in Plano.

The agency also has experience with traditional advertising, so you know they have been around for a long time and know how the game works. In the traditional way, they have made use of radio, print, and television before foraying into digital marketing. For social media, they provide SEO-based services, which will supercharge your business to its full potential. There are blogs written by the company which provides an insight into how social media benefits you. So for those out there who are unsure about social media, you can read these blogs and even customer testimonials to make your decision.


Another social media management company in Plano is the GrowBranding Company. It comprises a group of around 10-20 employees, who work diligently to provide the best experience for a client. They charge around $100-$149 per hour. It has a 5-star rating on Google Business and has been rated the top company in SEO and PPC by Clutch. In 2020, expertise voted for the company as being one of the top digital marketing agencies in Plano.

It was established in 2016 and quickly gained notice for its work. They gave a new lease of life to an air-conditioning company’s website by working with the SEO team. It made a website that is responsive to the audience and easily accessible. The client noticed a jump in web traffic and sales that put the GrowBranding Company on the map.

It also specializes in WordPress development amongst other skills. The team keeps you in the loop by offering their ideas and skills on their company blog. Bringing innovative solutions to all your problems, this social media management agency will do wonders for your business and provide amazing growth strategies. Their interactive website lets you book an appointment with a member of their team to help discuss any doubts you might have and lets you in on their planning process for you. Just book a consultation for any queries and they will get back to you quickly.


A social media management company in Plano, it was founded in 2014. Group comprises a small team of 10-20 employees. They charge $200-$300 per hour, a little on the expensive side, but make up for it in their detail to attention and quality of work. They work primarily with small businesses and also provide workers for advertising and logo designing. LabelFirm came into the spotlight when they worked with a transportation company and improved their presence and sales by a huge margin. The owner spoke well of them, calling them a responsible team that knows when and how to finish a job well. They help small businesses reach their goals by using methods like SEO optimization, digital marketing, new lead generation, and content creation. 

And, Offer their services throughout the country and even have people in their team experienced with UI or UX design, search engine marketing, and even graphic design. They commit to delivering effective advertising solutions.

Their wonderfully designed website offers you a look at their portfolio which consists of their work in TV, print, web, logo design, and branding, graphic design, packaging, and promotional content. You can book a call with the number provided on their website or chat about your doubts and then make a decision. A location optimizer is available on their website where you can view how your business looks from various locations in the world.


SkyBranding is mainly a public relations agency that also concentrates on aspects like social media marketing, content writing, and graphic design which is based in Texas. It was founded in the year 2016 and has a small team of 8 employees. They charge around $150-$200 for an hour of work. A home repair company speaks positively of them, as it has helped them gain recognition and their business has been running smoothly ever since. SkyBranding raised the company by promoting it through TV, print, and digital media. The company has successfully created brand awareness for multi-national corporations. They can help you find creative solutions to all your issues and deliver your story to your customers.

It is important to have strategic marketing communication in today’s business world. The company is also affiliated with marketing and communications resources from around the world that help your brand recognition. On their company website, they keep their clients updated on the agency news and even have a portal that directs you to their client news!

You can see for yourself the changes that have been implemented which have led to a growth in web traffic for the client. You can get in touch with them by their number given on the website or by filling out an information form where they will get back to you very soon with the answers.


Shoutzer is a social media management agency in Plano, Texas. It has a strength of around 10-20 employees. Their charges range from $150-$200 per hour. It has been ranked by Clutch as one of the top 1000 global companies. One of the best social media management agencies in Plano, they have also received the Silver Addy Award for their excellent services in the field. They provided their services for a law firm and helped out in the field of SEO, PPC, and public relations. The law firm praised their prompt delivery of the services which in turn increased their lead generation and lead to more clients. Their in-house SEO experts optimize your website to its full potential to help your business grow fast.

On their website, you can see their portfolio which includes some of the major Texan companies. It also offers services on Google Analytics, Content Marketing, and Web Development among many more. They have a blog where they give useful information to their clients on content strategy.

They are always eager to share their knowledge on social media management with people and even give interviews to the media. For a consultation with them, you can give them a call on their number provided or send them a message via the chat box that pops up. Even if they are not online, they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Red Spot Design

Established in 2009, Red Spot Design is a social media management agency in Plano, made of a group of 9 individuals. They are experts in the fields of web design, PPC, and SEO. They also won the National Excellence Award in 2020, along with being one of the top 3 web designers in the same year.

An orthopedic surgeon created his own website with the help of this social media management company and was extremely impressed with the way they handled it. By adding features like blog posts, testimonials, and even location-based services, they optimized their client’s website. They even added some advertising to make it better. It has been accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Till now, they have designed hundreds of websites right from small blogs to huge multi-million dollar businesses. Over 200 reviews on Google and more than 150 reviews on UpCity show their loyal client base. They have managed to build a long and lasting relationship with many of their clients by their work ethics. They know that their reputation is tied with the accomplishments of their clients so they strive to make their clients’ business a success and that reflects in their vast portfolio. On their website, you can contact them on the given numbers or fill a form regarding your need and ask for a quotation. 

  • Former Clients: ProStar Energy, Kuzmich Law, FutureCom, Floral Arts Studio, Hershey International, etc.


Scorpion is another good company that provides social media management services. It has a strength of over 800 employees, making it one of the biggest agencies out there. Charging an amount of $100-$150, the experts here help your brand well with their large team. A company that strives to be better with every project they work on, Scorpion has expanded its family into a number of people who handle the various divisions of social media management. They work with different sized businesses on SEO strategy, digital marketing, etc. They have been recipients of the Davey Award and the Communicator Award for their work in social media management.

One of their successful clientele includes a law firm that observed a huge amount of growth in their business when Scorpion began handling their social media marketing. Their website tells us about their focus on serving their clients no matter what the issue. They have been hired by hospitals like Mary Washington Healthcare and Barlow Respiratory Hospital.

In Scorpion, instead of finding multiple people for managing every aspect of your social media, you hire an agency that takes care of it all. Calling themselves a single solution that empowers your brand, they could not have been more accurate. For anyone who needs their services, they have an interactive website to answer your questions well.

  • Former Clients: The industries they work for include a number of law firms, hospitals, franchises – roofing, plumbing, electrical, moving services and franchises – Smoothie King, Winmark, Sportclips Haircuts, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, many more.

AVX Digital

Adavantix digital is one of the popular social media management agencies in Plano. It was established in the year 2001 and is made of specialists in the field of PPC, web design, Content marketing, and mainly, SEO. About 40-50 employees work in this agency. They charge close to $200 per hour for their work. A children’s hospital hired Advantix Agency to spruce up its website and has been very impressed with their thoroughness. With the power of a collaborative team, Advantix managed to improve their client’s online reputation and drove more traffic to their website. They have the best team, made of different types of people who share a common goal.

Awarded best use of video by Glossy and Digiday, their diverse team brings different concepts to the table and still manages to work as a great team. On their website, they have put up their portfolio and examples of their work made for former clients. They have case studies on their website, which shows how the quality of their work has bought great results for their clients.

Their clients include companies that are financial, law firms, right up to the healthcare industry. For contacting them, you can call on the given number or fill a form with your query and they will respond immediately. They have their own blog on their website that tells people about social media and its workings.

  • Former Clients: Arizona Leather, Bergman Family Group, Ourisman Auto Group, BSN Sports Group, and many others.

Lyft SEO

Made of a small team of 10 employees, Lyft SEO provides premium services of digital marketing, search engine optimization, and web design services, etc. It was founded in the year 2013. They charge $100-$150 for an hour of work. It has a 5-star rating on Clutch. The social media management company in Plano provided its expertise to a water taxi company and optimized its website which was witnessed when it started ranking higher on Google. They also managed the client’s social media accounts and additional marketing services. According to the owner of that company, Lyft SEO was a tremendous help to them in marketing their business. 

Their website is based on a minimalistic design, they do not overwhelm you with information. They have a frequently asked questions page where they answer a few queries each client has, a section on their website has been devoted to case studies. Their blog is a useful resource where they share their knowledge of everything related to social media management.

They also offer services like off-page optimization, paid ads, etc. Their small team works hard to meet the needs of the clients and it can be seen by their rapid rise in the industry of social media management agencies in Plano. For contacting them you can call, email, or fill out a form on their website through which they will get back to you.

  • Former Clients: PR water taxi, PR vacation helpers, and others.

Magic Logix

A small agency of just 15 employees, Magic Logix has given tough fights to its competitors. It was founded in the year 2004, with a focus on digital marketing, and eventually expanded over time to include other aspects like web design and development. They charge $150-$200 per hour of work. Their clients are small to mid-sized businesses mainly in finance and retail. A large retail company hired them and noticed a quick improvement in their reach and sales. The client appreciated their quick responsive team of workers and their reputation that was without blemishes.

Magic Logix combines all the elements of data, marketing, and technology to produce the very best results for their huge clientele. They also develop UI or UX designs for the ultimate web experience. The company is both creative and agile in its work which has led to many loyal clients for them. They also take their client’s input and put in their own imagination to create something extraordinary. They are amazingly focused on improving themselves with every project and engage in business analytics for social media which improves their services.

On their website, you can see their portfolio and immense talent where they have also provided free resources on digital marketing for anyone to download and make use of. You can contact them through the number provided or fill out their form to get in touch with one of their team members. 

  • Former Clients: Whole Foods, DFW Airport, FedEx, Marriott Group, CloudShare, Capital One, Interwest Partners, TALEND, El Rio Grande, and many others.

Centipede Digital

Centipede Digital is a company that provides social media management services located in Mckinney, Texas. It is a small company of about 5 employees, who work in areas of social media marketing, advertising, web design, and digital marketing. Their hourly rate is undisclosed as of now. An agency that takes data analysis seriously for helping to grow your business by their work, they make goal-driven content. Their team of data scientists mixes well with the creative department to bring you content that will attract an audience to your website and boost sales. 

Their transparent approach provides a clear view of their internal working to their clients which has been appreciated by many people. They take into account the client’s passion for their business and it only influences them to work harder in their content strategy. Their website is interactive and minimalistic, offering insight into their company and even on social media management services. Separate sections for their blog, analytics, portfolio, creative design, communications, marketing services, and even client support make the website easy navigation.

Every feature of their services and how they work is explained on their website that makes it very informative to all those who look both ways twice before crossing a road. They offer free consultations of around 45 minutes and you can schedule them on their website by giving them a call or by filling out a form and their representative will get in touch with you. There is even a chatbot that helps you navigate the services offered by the company.

  • Former Clients: Children’s Lighthouse, The Cotton Mill, Methodist Health Systems, etc.

Silver Ant Marketing

Silver Ant Marketing is a firm based in Texas, with over 50 specialists in social media management services. Established in 2017, they have had a meteoric rise to be on this list. Their services include search engine optimization, digital marketing, and PPC for mainly small and mid-level companies. Their hourly rate is less than $50 so it is a great option for those who cannot invest as much at the moment. They have a 5-star rating on Clutch. They provided their services to a handbag company that increased their website traffic by SEO optimization and web designing. The company is extremely satisfying with the results they have so far and remains a loyal client.

Their website is beautifully made, with details of the number of projects they have completed so far and their methods of working. For becoming one of the top social media management agencies in Plano, they have used the versatility of their team along with proper strategic planning to boost their customer’s business and have built a name for themselves. Initially, they only provided services to their own subsidiary businesses but realizing their true potential, they have expanded to include other major clientele. They have their own blog to share their expertise with everyone. Case studies are available on their website to give the customer access to their technique of work and the results that they got. Free consultations are available which you can book through call or send them a message and let them get back to you.

  • Former Clients: Dallas Designer Handbags, etc.

Local Leap Marketing

Local Leap Marketing is another social media management agency in Plano that was established in the year 2002. It comprises a small team of fewer than 10 employees and serves small–sized businesses primarily. Their hourly rate is less than $100, making it another feasible option for a few businesses. They have worked for healthcare and real estate industries which have praised the agency for services rendered. They have worked with a coaching company and optimized their website so well that it led to increased lead generation and made many other improvements. The client was very satisfied by the prompt results due to their social media management services.

Their website is not crowded and blends smoothly with all the information they have provided in sections. The agency designs optimize and manage all aspects of your social media presence to increase clients for your business. They have a section for frequently asked questions which covers many topics and is a huge bonus for any customer who wishes for extra information. They share their expertise on their company blog along with case studies of the projects they have worked on. The best part is probably the testimonials they have on their website that make you want to collaborate with the company even more. For getting in touch with the agency you a chatbox for easy navigation, or you can even call or message them to book a consulting session.

  • Former Clients: Connections Wellness Group, TFI Family, Chambersville Tree Farms, and many more.


ParamInfo was founded in the year 2006 and has four branches all over the world, including one in Texas. Made of 70-80 employees, the company focuses its work on IT services, web development, and providing custom software. They have worked with enterprises that focus on arts and entertainment services. They charge less than $50 for an hour of work, which is quite a catch compared to their amazing quality and versatility. It provides good social media management services and is easy on the pocket for many customers. A taxi booking company that hired the agency and noticed remarkable results. They created Android and iOS apps for the company which helped in the booking process and grew their brand on a large scale. Many satisfied customers spoke highly of the company, praising their in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and web development.

Their website has neat sections where they talk about their company and provide a comprehensive list of the services they offer. Concentrating mainly on web and software development, it is a good option for those who wish to invest in mobile application development. They have a group of certified and experienced workers, skilled personnel, active resource pools which provide agility and prompt delivery of developed software to their clients. It is a hassle-free process that has made them very popular in the world. Their proven expertise in business-centric technology has made them a unique frontrunner in the field of social media marketing

  • Former Clients: Eagle Hills, Abu Dhabi Ports, and numerous others.

Aletheia Marketing & Media LLC

Aletheia Marketing & Media LLC is a social media management agency in Plano. They are a small team of fewer than 10 people, all of them specialists in their own fields. Their rate per hour of work is currently undisclosed. They work mainly in digital strategy, social media management services for small and mid-sized businesses. It was founded in the year 2018 and has risen quickly to the top. 

Their client included a dairy marketer whose sales improved by their digital and social media strategy. They made an effort to learn about shopper marketing to fulfill their customer’s needs and grow their brand. Even when a client decided to change the direction, their team co-operated with them and promptly adapted to the new situation, speaking volumes of their professionalism.

Their website speaks of the truth behind their work. They use state-of-the-art tools for marketing your business and have a driven team of experts that builds a custom social media presence for your business. There is a strategic plan that is made in the agency for your brand and they pull through with it with their sheer determination. They have a neatly designed website that offers you a smooth customer experience and gives you data of their case studies and blog which retains valuable information about social media management. For contacting them you can give them a ring on their number or fill up their form or send a quick email and wait for a representative to get in touch with them. 

  • Former Clients: Promised Land Dairy, The Krystal Company, and others.

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We have provided you with a detailed list of the best social media management agencies in Plano. The details are to help you in your quest to make your business a success so do consider all the points carefully and choose one that you think will be the best fit for your brand. Any of the above agencies would be happy to lend their expertise to you and your business and form a successful partnership with you. Someday soon, we hope to see your business as one of the success stories of the agencies you see here. 

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book consultations to make an informed decision for your business. Remember, the right thing to do here is to move forward and make progress. Your brand is waiting for you to take the big leap!

Published April 1st, 2021