Computer science is not a piece of cake and needs grooming to master these subjects. With proper help you can do it easily. Many online tutorial platforms for computer science students are available nowadays, but here we will discuss the 7 best platforms including ones like Masterclass and Coursera, so that you can sign up right away.


With over 100,000 courses to select from Udemy is one of the best platforms for students to get online tutorial classes. This is a unified platform providing a huge range of courses suiting the interest of each student. This includes all subjects encompassing art, language, fitness and music courses as well.

Not only these but mainstream courses on computer science, IT and programming, teaching, business skills, productivity and others are also included on this website. It will provide you with C++ homework help too. It also covers courses on life skills and other techniques that you will probably not find in an academic setting.

There is no fixed format for the courses offered at Udemy. It gives the instructor the free will to design multimedia lectures using video, text elements and audio along with quizzes and other activities. The students can preview classes before registering to save money and they are also eligible to ask for returns.


With a less formal approach unlike schools and colleges Skillshare aims at polishing the creative skills. The main attraction here are the courses related to film, photography, visual arts, animation, writing, interior designing and others which mostly revolve around the creative side of education.

Computer Science and marketing skill grooming courses are also available here. Making sure that the student is capable of doing their own projects and learning creativity is their main motive.

Video lessons alongside assignments are set to make them practice their skills. Students are eligible to opt for one or more courses in Skillshare because of the subscription model availability. Free classes are a plus point here which is as good in quality as the paid ones.


MasterClass is one in a million as this provides polished and fine artists, actors, musicians, writers and others on the teacher’s seat to give a first-hand experience to the students. You have the will to acquire in-depth classes on the course you select with 20 lessons.

If you have interest in learning about professions that are difficult to pursue, who can teach you better than those who are already successful in those fields. Lectures, practical advice along with demonstrations, and video-based classes are offered here on Computer science. Get help for your assignment fromassignment help Canberra which provides great assistance for Computer science students.

From cooking classes with Gordan Ramsay to creative leadership classes with Anna Wintour, choose what you may. Monthly subscriptions scheme permits you to take more than one class. You can also sign up for a one-year course if need be.


Offering actual academic courses from real professors and universities, Coursera can be one of the best choices you make if you are a computer science student. Over 200 universities and companies have joined hands with Coursera to provide real learning skills and building experience that fits best in the world outside.

Earning a certificate or degree is easy with Coursera. This platform provides guidance on topics you never thought you had interest in. it can prove challenging one way or the other. Coursera is pretty similar to online college classes because of its multimedia platform which allows the access of video tutorials, home assignments, graded quiz etc. making computer science easy to perceive.

Courses are charged individually though there is an option to avail more than one course at once. This will give you the closest experience to an online class conducted in college.


It is an accessible system developed by MIT and Harvard. College courses provided by professors make this platform different. They have a slight inclination towards STEM genres but have a variety of courses in arts, language and humanities too.

EdX gives you professional degree certificates and provides you bachelor and master degree programs too for your professional development. You will find some of the finestEduWorldUSAtutors too here. The classes have resemblance to real online courses provided by colleges by providing you with notes, lectures, class discussions; quiz etc. there is a catch to the fees structure of the offered courses.

If you wish to take classes for personal experience you can avail the free version but if it is for a professional certificate, charges will be applied. There is no hurry and students can maintain their own pace.


Udacity provides you classes on all the in-demand fields related to tech skills. Coding bootcamp style learning is followed here focusing on programming, web development cloud computing and data science. Irrespective of you being a newbie who is trying to develop new skills or a veteran trying to expand your knowledge on a topic, you can get courses accordingly.

Real instructors and career coaches are there to cater to your needs individually.  Udacity, unlike other platforms, provide a time-based course, depending on the subject. These features are not free and come along a price tag. There are offers for students buying a full four-month course all at once.


Plural sight offers courses on software development, information and cybersecurity, data science and others too, designed by professional help. This provides courses which are like mini-degrees and you can even choose more than one. They work on developing your creative skills on a particular software program. Customization is available and pre-test to set your skill too. 7,500 individual classes across hundreds of paths are available on Pluralsight.

If you are not yet ready to choose the full bundle, select individually and pay just for them. Additional interactive courses are there for you to select as well to get a professional certificate.