Are you looking for ways to expand B2B and B2C print business?

Do you want to obtain more clients all while creating more efficiency internally?

Then tune-in to our upcoming short 60 minute webinar.
Design’N’Buy have organized a Webinar for B2B and B2C print service providers to explain them how to seize opportunity in the Current Situation. Mr. Dheeraj Pandey, an expert in Web-to-Print integration and application will address the topic of webinar “Learn Web-to-Print Implementation for Your B2B or B2C Print Business.”

Web-to-print solutions for B2B and B2C have been around for long over a decade. As we can see people’s choices are continuously changing in accordance to market trends. Web-to-print brings great online personalization and Design options for the print products and designs.

Web to Print software solutions fall into two major categories:
· Business to Consumer (B2C) or
· Business to Business (B2B)

B2C is more customer-focused, while for B2B, flexibility is the key. In traditional printing, once you select a design you have to stick with it as making changes in between is a major challenge but web-to-print eliminates such limitations. Moreover, the manpower required to do traditional printing and managing them is becomes easier with having an html5 product designer tool integrated onto your B2B or B2C print shop.

Today, your customers don’t have to compromise when you have ample amount of design template options you on your online store. With online designer software, you can provide your customers to be in sync with digital print trends.

“In this webinar will be like a complete package where we would explain Web-to-Print Implementation for both B2B print business and B2C Print Business to win more customers.” Said Abhishek Agarwal, CMO of DesignNBuy.

Web-to-print facilitate your businesses with features of eCommerce functionalities that allows them to manage varied aspects of personalization, order processing, delivery and shipping.

The webinar is meant for:
· Printers who wants to open online B2B and B2C Shops
· All offline B2B and B2C printing business owners
· Traditional printers/brokers struggling to digitalize their business

This webinar is scheduled on Jun 9, 2021, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM IST/ 7 to 10 AM CDT

Limited Seats Available, register here today!

By implementing an online product designer tool on your site, you can allow your customers to customise any design, text, material, pattern, colour etc. as they want and get them printed on whatever product they desire.

We’re here to help B2B and B2C printers to make sense out of chaos and accelerate their business quickly. To explore more about their products and services, you can visit its official website. 

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