Virtual Vocations Offers Free Resources for Back-to-School Amid COVID-19

Back-to-School Amid COVID-19: Virtual Vocations Offers Free Resources for Families Juggling Remote Work and Remote Learning at

Virtual Vocations shares free resources to help remote professionals and their families as students head back to school this fall.

Virtual Vocations CEO and co-founder Laura Spawn said resources including a webinar for parents of students who are remote learning this year “were designed to help bring some calm amid the chaos.”

As students—and parents—gear up for the second back-to-school season to come amid a worldwide pandemic, one of the web’s leading remote job boards is sharing resources to help ease the transition for families whose homes are now serving as both the office and the classroom.

Founded in 2007, Virtual Vocations is a 100% virtual company that has been connecting jobseekers with legitimate remote job openings from expert-vetted employers for the last 14 years. Now, as remote work has become the mainstream and remote learning has become the reality for many families, Virtual Vocations is peeling back the curtain on best practices for juggling work and school with a number of resources available for free this back-to-school season.

That includes a 30-minute webinar designed to help remote professionals better manage their workdays while supporting their children’s learning at home.

Presented by Virtual Vocations CEO and co-founder Laura Spawn, the webinar accompanies a 19-page Planning and Resource Guide, available for free to Virtual Vocations members, and covers topics including:

  • Strategies for managing the workday and the school day;
  • How to create structure with schedules;
  • Tips for managing digital distractions; and
  • Advice for supporting children of all ages in their remote learning endeavors.

“As the product of a homeschool family, and having several years of experience homeschooling my own children while running a fully remote business, I’m excited to share my tips and tricks with parents who have once again found themselves juggling school, work, and life all under the same roof,” Spawn said. “The webinar, and our other resources for both students working from home and parents of students who are remote learning this year, were designed to help bring some calm amid the chaos.”

Also available for free from Virtual Vocations is a new and comprehensive guide for parents preparing to send their kids back to school this fall. In addition to breaking down the latest recommendations from public health officials, the guide outlines what options parents may have for virtual and in-person learning and explains what they can do to prepare their families for changes that may occur throughout the school year in response to the ongoing pandemic.

Parents may be surprised to learn that many of the strategies they use to stay focused and productive while working from home can prove beneficial for students, as well. As remote learning kicks into high gear, Virtual Vocations lays out several ways to set your family up for success:

  • Thinking back to what worked last spring, help your child set up a schedule that meets their needs and ensures they’ll have ample time to complete their schoolwork.
  • Set up a designated workspace for your child that allows them access to the technology they need to learn effectively while minimizing distractions.
  • Become familiar with the virtual learning platform used by your child’s teachers so you can help them troubleshoot when needed.
  • Model healthy habits, like taking periodic breaks and washing your hands frequently, throughout your own remote workday.

For professionals weighing whether to head back to school themselves during this era of career transitions, Virtual Vocations has also created a free guide that details the benefits and potential drawbacks of continuing your education and highlights growing industries worth considering in your future job search, such as:

  • IT, software engineering, web design, and computer science;
  • Marketing and advertising;
  • Healthcare, especially telehealth and telemedicine;
  • Education, tutoring, and teaching; and
  • Writing and editing.

To access these and other resources for work from home professionals or to get started in your search for a new remote job this back-to-school season, visit:


Founded in 2007 by CEO Laura Spawn and her brother, CTO Adam Stevenson, Virtual Vocations is a small company with a big mission: to connect jobseekers with legitimate remote job openings. To date, Virtual Vocations has helped more than four million jobseekers in their quests for flexible, remote work.

In addition to providing a database that houses more than 40,000 current, hand-screened remote job openings at any given time, Virtual Vocations offers jobseekers a number of tools to aid in their job searches, including exclusive e-courses and downloadable content, and resumé writing services. Virtual Vocations also releases several data-driven reports each year on current trends in remote work.

Virtual Vocations, Inc. is a private, family-owned, and 100% virtual company incorporated in Tucson, Arizona.


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