RCN, being the most buzzing and in-demand option of Chicago, is catching the limelight. It sounds more like a bundle of benefits! It offers an internet facility with high speed, high-quality digital cable TV, and affordable home-phone service plans. 

Where customers praise the brand for offering incredible services, on the same side, its affordable internet service package with 24 hours WiFi, online TV, and streaming services are blowing the minds of customers. Tech experts claim that the RCN is more dedicated to innovation that offers fast internet services without going too heavy on pockets. 

For once in life, we all have spent extra bucks to have premium fun and end up getting trapped by so-called brands. We all can relate to this scenario; the pain is real! But, in case of RCN, the situation is different because this brand is offering more for less. Yes, you heard it right, the brand is offering more for less. 

Imagine paying less to get more? Of course, this sounds like a win-win offer for everyone who prefers to enjoy more on a less budget. If you are also looking for a similar opportunity, here we go! What else could be a better choice than this? 

What is RCN? 

Back in the time, RCN started its operations and took one step ahead by offering the best quality of services that one can ever desire. The brand marked its name among the best services providers by acquiring the trust of thousands of customers. Taking start from growth stage to meeting mature business level through offering plenty of facilities at once makes this brand more valuable. 

At present, the brand’s target audience has expanded from New York to Lehigh Valley and Chicago. At the same time, the brand is still making sure to assist each customer with complete satisfaction. 

If you are locating in any of the areas mentioned above, this writing piece is especially for you. Because, why not? When Chicago is taking utmost benefit, why should we also get into the lane and enjoy this best’ entertainment option? 

What is RCN Offering to Chicago Customers?

Being a Chicago customer, you will be lucky to have a 100% digital television facility on the enhanced fiber-optic network. Are you interested to know what this means? If yes, then let us tell you that it means you will have a vivid picture, a bundle of content and HD channels to watch on TV, and wide-reading signals. We wonder who can deny getting hands-on on this fantastic offer. 

You must be thinking, what are other benefits that RCN is offering? So here we are, with a list of more benefits that will surely blow your mind. If you get the facility, then be prepared to enjoy on-demand movies and shows, Netflix facility, Hulu, and Prime Videos, along with YouTube, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, CINEMAX®, and so much more that will strike your mind with never-ending entertainment and fun. 

On top of that, this on-demand brand is also offering a customized streaming application, RCN2Go; with this app, you can carry your TV with you; it doesn’t matter wherever you are going. This way, you can have access to all entertainments without hassle. Enjoy your binge time with RCN! 

But wait, that is not all that RCN is offering. The brand also provides access to 350+ channels for different genres that you can enjoy in your fun time. So, if your weekend is ahead, get your hands on your favorite track and turn on the fun game.

On top of that, the best thing about this RCN is, unlike other service providers, they are not greedy enough to charge extra from their potential customers while not offering satisfying services. In the case of RCN, the situation is vice versa, and you will have contracts that will bind you forever. 

It’s an excellent time to ditch all those crappy services providers that are likely to go extra on your pockets while providing 50% of quality service. It’s high time to switch to RCN and attain 100% satisfaction without going extraordinary on your bags.

We are sure these rationales are enough to make you switch from absurd local service providers to RCN. Just in case, if you are still confused then, let us share amazing RCN package deals too. 

Offered Packages of RCN TV for Chicago Customers 

The brand is offering a package of two main cables and a well-prepared cable plan for its subscribers. Though, it can vary for Basic Television and Signature Television. Although the Basic TV is assisted with the bare-bones plan that covers all essentials, the Signature TV provides a wide range of channels and varieties.  

Besides this, all of these cable TV plans and RCN provide various add-on packages that help access the customized channels that are aligned according to the viewer’s preference. However, the package usually entitled as the premium package is counted as the most demanding yet general package offered by RCN. 

If you are interested in watching premier channels that are not included in general RCN packages, opt for the premium one. It is a go-to choice for those who like having a high life and are unable to have access to channels that are restricted in countries or cost quite a lot. If you can relate to the situation, then no need to worry because these channels are readily available at bargain prices at RCN. 

RCN Basic TV

RCN basic Television is one of the suitable plans for people who are not much into Television and spend barely 2 to 3 hours. In this offered plan, you will have ample news channels that will assist you in being updated with daily news, some of the movie channels that can be a good pass time for you. Moreover, you will also get accessibility on the set of tracks that you can easily watch whenever you want. The plan will be aligned with more than 70 channels that too with an affordable price range. This sounds incredibly amazing to all the ones who like watching basic TV with a light plan.

RCN Signature TV

Signature TV is a perfect choice for households that are more into family entertainment and have a culture of movie-time. Its signature plan by RCN is proved to be the best choice for all people who have a good time while watching Television. 

This brand is likely to offer access on around 300 channels, including 75 free HD channels, so this sounds more like a win-win strategy. While the TV plan of this brand provides access to many tracks and makes sure to count on; Paramount Network, FOX, Animal Planet Big 10 Network, NBC Sports, Golf Channel, and many more that you all wish to have. The range counts on all; sports channels and as well as entertaining channels. 

Premier Total Pack

If you enjoy having a good time binge-watching, then here RCN is, all with a premier total package for its potential customers. Add this package to your list, and make sure to enjoy the best out of it. This way, you can easily access all of the additional 80 channels, top-rating channels, and primary media. You can line up all of these channels at your convenience. The brand is likely to offer high-quality screen watching time with plenty of facilities. Watch around 24 HD channels, and oh, this time again, you don’t have to go too heavy on your pockets. 


In a nutshell, we cannot resist saying that RCN is the best choice for all the ones who are finding an entertaining escape from their hectic routines. For some of you, it could be a new yet unique thing in Chicago and other cities where RCN is providing its services. Moreover, in an exceptional case, some of you must be juggling with thoughts of which plan to choose. 

So, here we have provided a thorough guide that will help you know which plan is better and which one suits the customer. Now it’s all up to you which plan to choose according to your suitability. Overall, there is nothing that the brand is not offering that too in a reasonable price range. RCN offers satisfactory solutions to get over your tedious hours and kill them with something exciting yet mind-rejuvenating. Subscribe to your package or either switch to RCN now and feel free to thank us later!