YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform where creators share their videos and people use the platform to watch videos. YouTube has all kinds of videos including learning, entertainment, reviews, tutorials, music, and more. The YouTube app also lets you download selected videos to watch later when the internet isn’t available. That means you can save a video on the YouTube app for watching it offline. If you are using a desktop, you have no way of saving a video for offline watching. That is the reason people usually use tools to download videos from YouTube. There are several tools to download a video from YouTube but most people are interested in MP4 format. This is the reason they search for YouTube videos to MP4 converter. These tools are basically downloaders that ensure the video is downloaded in MP4 video format. MP4 video format takes less size, is supported by most video players, and is also easy to edit. So, I am adding a list of the best tools to convert YouTube videos to MP4.

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Note: YouTube doesn’t want you to download videos. This is against the policy of YouTube. Video creators also don’t want you to download the video. If you are not downloading videos to use in any of your commercial projects, you are safe. So, make sure you are converting a YouTube video in Mp4 only for personal use. Be it offline viewing or use of a small part in any of your other videos. It is also recommended to get the written permission from the creator before you download any of his/her videos.

YouTube Video to MP4

Here are some of the best online tools where you can convert YouTube Video to MP4 video format. All these tools are basically YouTube video downloaders that ensure that the output file format is MP4.

1. YT1s is a website that lets you download YouTube videos in MP4 or YouTube videos in MP3 format. You just need the YouTube video URL for the task. If you are looking for an online tool, so you don’t need to download software on your system, try this one.

YouTube MP4

As I said, this tool is really easy to use. Open YouTube to MP4 converter page on YT1s. Copy the YouTube video URL and paste it on the text box on YT1s. Now click on the Convert MP4 button and you will get the download link soon. The download link will download the YouTube video in the MP4 video format.

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2. Qdownloader

YouTube MP4

Qdownloader is the website that lets you download videos from different social media websites. It also has an online YouTube to MP4 converter. It works exactly the same as the previous tool. You just need the YouTube video URL for downloading a video from YouTube.

When you open the YouTube to MP4 converter on Qdownloader, it asks for the video URL. Paster the video URL and click on the Download button. In a few seconds, it will provide you the video link. The downloaded video will be in MP4 file format.

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Is another good online tool where you can get YouTube video in Mp4 format. It also lets you convert YouTUbe video into Mp3. As with other tools on this list, this tool also requires a video URL.

YMp4: YouTube Mp4

Open the YouTube to MP4 converter tool on YMp4 and paste the video URL you want to download. You will get the download link to download YouTube video in MP4 video format.

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Wrap Up

These were some of the best YouTube Video to MP4 converter online tools. There are also several software that you need to install and use before you can convert YouTube Video to MP4. Most of those tools are either pair or restrict the video resolution. So, I recommend people to use these online YouTube Video to MP4 converter tools. As MP4 videos are always of small size, your download will not take much time or data.

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