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Everything in modern times has shifted online. Right from office work to online shopping, everything can be easily done on the web with just one click. The culture of online shopping is increasing day by day and due to this rise and this is the reason why many businesses are moving online and coming up with their own eCommerce websites. However, while moving online, the biggest concern that a business faces is how to choose the best website builder as there are a myriad of eCommerce websites builders available on the internet today making it confusing for the users to make a selection. They always look for a guiding light that can assist them in choosing the most suitable website builder that can help them in the most salutary manner. One such guiding light can be website builder experts is a platform that reviews all the prevailing eCommerce website builders that are available on the internet. 

The team at website builder experts take utmost precision in analyzing and reviewing all the best eCommerce website builders to save a person’s valuable time that they would otherwise spend on looking for a good website builder out there. Apart from this, website builder experts also compare all the sites according to their price range and then bring the perfect one that the users can blindly trust. One such amazing eCommerce website builder that the website builder has reviewed is Squarespace eCommerce. Squarespace eCommerce create Online stores that stand out, easy-to-customize templates are crafted by world-class designers to help create the web’s most expressive online stores, Showcase products at their absolute best. Allow visitors to browse merchandise, add items to their cart, and check out simply and efficiently.

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Squarespace eCommerce is an amazing online platform where all the eCommerce businesses who are intending to move online can create a beautiful and engaging website. Squarespace eCommerce is an outstanding website builder that holds hundreds of website templates that an eCommerce store can take into employment for creating their website. Another feature that makes Squarespace eCommerce stand out from the other website builder is the fact that there is no technical expertise required to use this free website builder. Any person who holds a basic knowledge of computers can operate this without any glitch. All the worry that a person might face while building a website like hosting, search engine analytics, domain purchase and the problems of shifting it from one server to another can also be easily resolved by this website builder. To use this Squarespace website builder, all a user is required to do is sign up to the website. After signing up on the website by filling in all the primary details, the user can move forward with the process of creating a website. 

Just after filling in the basic business details, the website will be automatically built without requiring any sort of technical expertise. If a person or an eCommerce business does not hold a design in their mind then this best eCommerce website builder will further assist them by presenting various free and paid website design templates that a person can easily pick depending upon the nature and categorization of their eCommerce business.  Due to all such transcendent features, Squarespace is deemed as the best free website builder. Squarespace has remained in this industry since the year 2003. This company was initially started by 1 person and now it has outgrown all its competitors and became one of the most advanced and beneficial tools that eCommerce websites can choose for creating a visually appealing website. The team at Squarespace eCommerce always makes sure that people get what they are seeking at the most affordable rates. Additionally, this platform has assisted billions of individuals and companies to create their own website with zero transaction fees.

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Apart from this, to prove their superiority, Squarespace also ran a Super bowl marketing strategy. A super bowl marketing strategy is one of the highest-paid advertising in the United States television commercial that the companies employ to create more brand awareness. Superspace is amongst a few companies that took the risk of running a super bowl campaign and hence it can be evident why this company holds the potential of standing out from its competitors. With all these outstanding features, Squarespace eCommerce can be an absolute option for all those users who are looking for a striking eCommerce website that can easily attract more and more number of clients. There is no competitor for Squarespace when it comes to presenting striking templates that can be perfectly coherent with the concept of their business as there are millions of templates that are available. All the available templates are displayed on the Squarespace website along with its unique features and its distinct prices. All the templates on this website are categorized into three segments that are known as Classic, Advanced and Unique. 

Every category holds a separate page where the user can skim through the available templates and even get a detailed and zoomed view of the templates making it far easier for the users to make a selection. Apart from choosing an already built website, there is also an option where the user can customize a template as per their requirements. By signing up on the Square board dashboard the user can easily make the required changes in their selected website templates like changing color or adding or deleting any section, changing the fonts and many more such kind of alterations. Moreover, the Squarespace eCommerce also holds the characteristics of a great sale and with the employment of these sales characteristics, any eCommerce website can stand out from the crowd. The first characteristic of Squarespace eCommerce is that they offer compliant products. A compliant product variant here means that this platform renders a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing a website template and also customizing it according to the business’s requirement along with an option of saving that website variant for analyzing later on. 

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The second amazing feature that is offered by this best free website builder is the infinite templates that a business or a user can choose. At Squarespace eCommerce, clients can also manage their inventory with the assistance of a contact manager which is a centralized interface making it effortless for the businesses to manage their stock in a very sophisticated manner. The next feature that this website offers is the reading of all the digital products that a company or a business holds. Here the digital products can comprise all sorts of software, electronic reading services and all other diverse kinds of online services that a business can sell in an intangible form. It is a well-regarded fact that to run any business in a successful manner, communication plays a significant role. 

A client will tend to get attracted more towards a business that keeps a regular interaction with their patrons. Hence to solve this communication of a newly established eCommerce website, Squarespace further holds an automatic emailing alternative where the system will automatically generate emails for all different activities that a client performs on their user’s website. This email can simply thank a person for making a purchase or maybe regarding their ordered shipment as keeping customers in the loop plays the most important role in customer retention. Apart from the feature of sending emails, Squarespace can also take the hassle of calculating the tax so that the eCommerce sites can focus mainly on expanding their business. This feature of Squarespace eCommerce auto-calculates the tax amount depending upon the location where the business is registered. 

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In the present era, digital marketing and its tools are on a boom and most of the newly established online eCommerce websites might not hold much knowledge about this topic or it can even be a possibility that they might not have a budget on spending in digital marketing. To overcome this problem, Squarespace also presents various digital marketing tools that a business might require at the time of or building a business website. First of all, the Squarespace website builder holds an in-built feature that comprises Search Engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization is widely regarded as an SEO which is one of the most important digital marketing tools that all the established or established businesses employ to improve their rank and visibility on the Google Search Engine. It might be surprising to know that all the Search Engine optimization strategy and the process of SEO is automatically built in the Squarespace eCommerce that makes it extremely easy for businesses who do not either hold a technical knowledge of SEO or funds for hiring a digital marketing expert. 

Another digital marketing tool that this platform employs is known as email marketing. Whenever a business creates an account on the Squarespace eCommerce, they receive a standard MailChimp integration that can easily allow the businesses to integrate their mail accounts. For all those users who do not know what a MailChimp is, A MailChimp can be regarded as an online software that lets businesses send out emails to multiple users at one time regarding all their offers. Hence this feature of email marketing attracts more and more businesses to create an account and build a website through Squarespace eCommerce. Along with the email integration, this platform also holds the option of integrating the social media accounts of the businesses and making it a cakewalk for the business to promote their businesses on Social media with the assistance of this platform. Sharing a blog post on social media or Google search engine or any other platform will further create an increased user engagement in the user’s website. 

Squarespace Ecommerce Free 14-day Trial – Start Here 

Right after looking at all these amazing features, many people might wonder why Squarespace eCommerce might be very expensive given the myriad of features and assistance it offers. However, this is just a myth as Squarespace eCommerce is one of the most economical website building platforms. There are two pricing plans that this platform holds for the eCommerce business owners to choose from. These pricing plans are known as a Basic Commerce payment plan and an Advance Commerce payment plan. This basic commerce payment plan is perfectly suitable for all small-sized businesses. Under this basic plan the analytics and insight feature where the businesses can easily track how many people are visiting their website, how many prospects are turning into clients and many more. Apart from this feature, the basic payment plan also holds a separate checkout page feature and a customer account feature. 

Under this checkout plan feature of Squarespace eCommerce, after the completion of shopping from the eCommerce website, the patrons will be redirected to a separate checkout page for the payment. This payment page is designed to accept all the modes of payment that a customer might use. The last feature of this basic plan is the creation of a user account. This user account holds all the details of the patrons like their shipping address, items added in the cart, their login details and many more. A user can avail of this basic commerce plan by paying $30 monthly and if a business or a person makes an upfront yearly payment then they are required to pay just $26 per month. Hence by paying an upfront yearly payment, the users can save $4 per month and $48 annually and this makes a great deal for investing in. 

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The second payment plan that is suitable for large businesses is known as an Advanced Commerce plan. Along with comprising all the features of a basic plan, this plan holds a lot more advanced features as well. The first advance feature that this plan holds is the auto calculation of the shipping amount without the requirement of the eCommerce business to manually calculate the shipping cost. Another most important and advanced feature that Squarespace eCommerce provides to numerous eCommerce websites is the provision of gift cards to all the customers that are coming to the user’s eCommerce Website. Apart from these gift cards, this best website builder also provides users with the feature of sending messages to clients who have left their cart unattended for more than one week along with an option of creating automatic reductions on the prices to attract more and more customers to a user’s website. An option of subscription to certain products is also available in this advanced pricing plan and a user can also mark out the products that are not in stock or are limited. The advanced commerce plan of Squarespace eCommerce can be availed at a monthly price of $46

Squarespace Ecommerce Free 14-day Trial – Start Here

However, if any eCommerce business owner makes an upfront payment, then in that case the price gets dropped down to $40 per month that makes a person easily save up to $72 per year. All the features that any eCommerce business owner looks for in a successful eCommerce website development are all offered at Squarespace eCommerce. This platform is considered to be the best eCommerce website builder where the users can create a beautiful and engaging website that is sure to drive more and more customers to the user’s eCommerce website. The reviews of this Squarespace eCommerce has been extremely positive so far and the many successful eCommerce websites give credit to this best website developer for building their eye-catching websites. 

Apart from this, the prices offered by this platform is also extremely economical that further makes it the most preferred choice among eCommerce business owners who are planning to move online and build their website. Furthermore, Squarespace eCommerce also comes on the top of the list when people talk about rendering excellent patron assistance and money-back assurance if the user is not satisfied with the services that are offered by this platform. When speaking of security, Squarespace eCommerce again bags 5 stars as all the domains connected with this platform are 100 percent secured and comes equipped with a no-cost Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This employment of a Socket Security Layer further protects a company’s website from getting hacked and no misuse of the organisation’s private data can be done. Apart from keeping the company’s data secured, this platform also makes sure that the personal information of the clients visiting the website of the user is also protected.

Informing clients about this privacy policy can easily augment their trust in the eCommerce website. All the payments made by the user and its clients are also secured as Squarespace eCommerce makes the employment of PayPal which is considered as the safest payment mode. Other than all these features, Squarespace eCommerce also holds 14 days no cost trial period so that the users are 100 percent satisfied with the working of this platform which makes it completely risk-free for all the eCommerce business to give this website builder a try.  

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