How high a building goes depends on the sturdiness of its foundations. The same can be said for small businesses, and in today’s digital ecosystem, one of those foundations is easily your own website.

Because the internet is an integral part of everyone’s lives, having your own business website is a useful tool in reaching more potential customers, opening up opportunities and establishing your brand — all of which are important for reaching longtime organic growth.

The problem however, is that simply having a website doesn’t spell success, the same way that having a brick & mortar store doesn’t guarantee customers pouring in by the hour. Factors like a non-user friendly interface, unresponsive pages, slow loading times and confusing product listings make for a bad customer experience.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a master website builder to create a functional and easy-to-navigate website. Instead, you can give your small business the digital presence it needs via website building software. These services provide premium tools for individuals with no coding experience whatsoever, often at a very affordable price.

Here, we’ve listed down 7 of the best website builder software that you can use to attract customers, increase engagement and start on your path to success:

web1 Codemiq’s plugins are currently used in more than 25,000 websites worldwide, and specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce. Photo:

First on our list is Codemiq, a Graz, Austria-based web developer tool made by Hannes Etzelstorefer, who authored several top-rated WordPress plugins and is a certified e-coach for business intelligence, tourism projects and Database development. Currently, Codemiq specializes in WordPress and WooCommerce.

With the developer’s plugins currently used in more than 25,000 websites worldwide, Codemiq is perfect for any small business that wants to make the jump from a simple brick & mortar location to a fully functioning online store. This is all made possible thanks to Codemiq’s focus on WooCommerce, which transforms any WordPress website into a full-pledged online store.

At the moment, Codemiq offers WordPress E-Mail template plugins, WordPress newsletter plugins and NinjaForms Extensions. Learn more by clicking here.

web2 Duda is a leading and professional web design platform for companies that offer web design services. Photo:

Duda is a leading and professional web design platform for companies that offer web design services to small businesses. With 20+ industry awards and 100 million+ monthly visits, Duda lets you stay ahead of the curve without overcomplicating things.

Duda serves all types of customers — from freelance web professionals to the largest hosting companies and online publishers in the world. Duda offers an extensive list of features and tools needed to make a professional-looking, responsive website. This includes everything from design control, site widgets, widget builders, templates, SEO, blog structure, content library and of course, website personalization.

Duda’s website builder is also easy-to-use, straightforward and beginner friendly. Learn about Duda’s plans and pricing by clicking here.

web3 Thanks to its handcrafted plugins, WP Tasty is perfect for food-based brands that are looking to establish a digital presence. Photo:

If you run a small food establishment or thinking of establishing one, then using WP Tasty to create your own digital footprint and establish an online brand is highly recommended.

When it comes to establishing digital presence for a food-based brand, creating a WordPress blog is a tried-and-tested direction, and WP Tasty’s rock solid WordPress plugins are here to make the process easier and more search result-friendly. At the moment, WP Tasty helps provide this via its “Tasty Pins,” “Tasty Links” and “Tasty Recipes” plugins, which help optimize your images for better readability, generate automated links to maximize affiliate revenue and publish recipes with solid SEO.

In addition, you also get unlimited online support, active plugin development, money back-guarantee and even a community of top bloggers. Click here to learn more now.

web4 Canva aims to provide you with easy access to professional-looking website layouts without any coding experience whatsoever. Photo:

Websites are an extension of your business, so it’s important for them to strike the perfect balance between something that’s visually pleasingf, and something that best represents your brand.

This is an area where software tools like Canva shine best, as it aims to provide you with easy access to professional-looking website layouts without any coding experience whatsoever. Through its simple drag and drop feature, anyone can easily use Canva’s pool of filters, fonts, templates, icons, etc. to create something personalized that is guaranteed to get you noticed, perfect for any business owner needing a leg up on their website.

Best of all, trying out Canva’s software is free and easy. You may learn more about the company and its pricing here.

webweb Not the creative type yourself? Not to worry, as marketplaces like the Envato Market will provide you with thousands of website assets made by industry creatives. Photo:

Not the creative type yourself? Not to worry, as marketplaces like the Envato Market will provide you with thousands of website assets made by industry creatives.

Whether you need a template for your WordPress blog, your eCommerce store, your business website or just about anything else, Envato will provide options no matter what your budget is. Backed by a team that knows creativity doesn’t just happen, Envato currently provides themes and templates for WordPress, CMS, HTML, eCommerce, marketing, blogging, courses, forums and so much more.

The options are endless, and you can start looking for the perfect template by visiting Envato Market here.

web6 For the full website builder experience, iThemes offers a wealth of professional plugins for you. Photo:

For the full website builder package, iThemes receives nothing but our top recommendation. With over 10 years of experience, iThemes has been delivering exceptional value to the WordPress space with its offerings and services.

Making a functional website isn’t always a walk in the park, so iThemes makes the stroll easier by providing you with a wealth of exceptional tools and plugins such as  WPComplete, iThemes Security Pro, iThemes Sync, Agency bundle and Plugin suite, to name a few. To take the extra mile, each of these professional plugins comes bundled with training to help you manage them more effectively, all at an affordable cost.

iThemes also provides free resources for starting small business owners. This includes ebooks, tutorial videos, blogs, creative resources and of course, free themes & plugins. Learn more about it by visiting their website here.

web7 Need help with your logo? Choose from BrandCrowd’s professionally made logos, or make one of your own with their free logo maker. Photo:

Your business logo is a visual symbol of your brand’s identity, which is why it should be both memorable and recognizable, and this is what BrandCrowd aims to deliver.

As the most critical tool in your product promotion arsenal, your logo shouldn’t just be a random mark. It should be well thought-out and easy to distinguish. But the problem is it’s not easy to make one. This is what BrandCrowd offers, taking out the guesswork behind logo-making and streamlining the process.

With BrandCrowd, anyone can browse and customize thousands of premium logos for sale, or simply have the company’s software itself generate one for you. Simply type out a keyword and let BrandCrowd do the work for you, and choose from the generated designs after. Not satisfied? You can personalize the logo yourself, free of charge.

BrandCrowd makes logo-making easy, so why not create your own one now by clicking here.