PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Evinced, a market leading accessibility software company specializing in providing automation to enterprise developers, today announced the launch of the industry’s first complete portfolio of products to enable enterprise developers to weave accessibility into their iOS and Android mobile app development process.

In recent years, web and mobile app accessibility has become increasingly important to enterprises. Mobile tech giants like Apple and Google have made significant investments in making their core platforms accessible to over a billion people globally living with a disability. However, there has never been a consistent set of accessibility testing tools available across both iOS and Android ecosystems, hindering the ability for enterprises to ensure that the apps they build take advantage of the underlying platform accessibility capabilities.

“As technology becomes more integrated with our lives than ever before, we risk certain communities feeling overlooked and falling behind,” said co-founder and CEO Navin Thadani. “It is imperative that enterprises with mobile apps and the mobile industry at large help pioneer a new era of inclusion with accessibility top of mind. In doing so, we’ll build a more connected world, inclusive future, and not to forget, the benefits for enterprises are tremendous.”

In a Gartner® report, it is stated that, “By 2023, digital products in full Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level 2 compliance will outperform their market competitors by 50%.” Further, it is added, “By 2025, all G20 countries — which account for 90% of the global world product 2 — will establish enforceable legal standards for digital accessibility, leading to a “GDPR moment” in which businesses scramble to achieve compliance.” [1]

Offering the broadest range of coverage for mobile apps on the market today, Evinced mobile accessibility solutions are built for enterprise scale and can be used by any enterprise developer looking to test a mobile app for critical accessibility issues. Even more distinctive, its products do not require a software development kit (SDK) installation on the target mobile app, can easily be added into an existing continuous integration process, and apps under test can be run on real devices or emulators in a local environment or a device cloud. These features make Evinced the first solution that’s easy to use. The product portfolio contains:

  • Flow Analyzer for Mobile: Enables a developer or test engineer user to easily connect their mobile phone (or simulator) to the Evinced desktop client and scan any app for accessibility issues, and generate actionable reports. Software is compatible with native iOS (SwiftUI, UIKit, and React Native) and Android (Android View and ViewGroup, Jetpack Compose and React Native) frameworks. This is offered as a free product for the community.
  • Automation for Mobile: Allows developers to integrate accessibility into existing mobile UI automation tests. Full support for automation for iOS (XCUITest and Appium) and Android (Espresso and Appium). This solution is available for enterprise customers.

“Mobile experiences continue to be a major focus for Capital One, and the pandemic has illuminated the need for accessible mobile experiences,” said Mark Penicook, Director of Digital Accessibility, Capital One. “We applaud Evinced for continuing to innovate new ways to integrate and automate accessibility into every aspect of the software development lifecycle.” 

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About Evinced
Founded in 2018, Evinced is a web accessibility software company focused on providing accessibility automation to enterprise developers by going beyond legacy static/syntax analysis. Built with advanced rule-sets, computer vision and AI algorithms, Evinced automatically detects and pinpoints accessibility problems and suggests fixes. Leading enterprises use Evinced to weave accessibility into their software development process – including design, development, automated testing and production/compliance monitoring.

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[1] Gartner, “Compliance and Beyond: 4 Ways Digital Accessibility Gives You a Competitive Advantage”, Brent Stewart, Arun Batchu, 15 June 2020
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