If you ever google anything job related from work, you’ll appreciate this. A study looked at the most unique job related things that each state googles more than any other state, and the results might tell a story.

For example. The workers in New York, when it came to things job related that they googled, “Hate my Boss” was their answer. Seriously, what were you hoping to find? I don’t hate my boss, but if I did I wouldn’t google ‘hate my boss’ from work. More like how do I put my Boss in their place.  How do I kill my boss.  How do I get a job that has a nicer boss.  And oh yeah, pays double or triple too.

Connecticut, which is close to New York, favorite answer was ‘how to get fired’. Get paid to watch Netflix is popular in Maryland. California googles ‘how to become an escort’. In Florida it’s ‘jobs that don’t drug test’

Pennsylvania is looking for ‘sleeping at work’ advice. Oregon’s top search is ‘how to call in sick’. Delaware wants to know ‘how to win the lottery’. New Jersey says Hold my beer and their top answer is ‘how to become a Billionaire’.

In West Virginia, Number one is ‘how to become a moonshiner’. People in Illinois googled ‘drinking at work’ more than anything else.

So on to Maine. Most unique job related things that Maine googles more than any other from work is “odd jobs.” That almost sound less like an escape and more like someone looking for odd jobs — like doing an odd job for someone on the side, or hiring someone to help them with an odd job around their house.

Here’s to more wasted time while at work as we remember the weekend is almost here.

Here’s the map if you’re still not ready to get back to the j.o.b.

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