An ant infestation can occur for a variety of reasons. In many cases, they begin as a single ant and then spread to other areas of the home. Cracks in the foundation or a small opening under a door are ordinary places to find an ant colony. You should contact a pest control professional to identify the species and prescribe treatment if you see any signs of ant activity.

You can prevent ant problems by reducing the conditions that attract them. Repairing leaks and other moisture issues is another way to keep ants at bay. A professional ant control company can provide an assessment to ensure your home is ant-free and prevent future infestations.

Ant colony

Ants build a colony based on the conditions in which they live. Ant colony may contain several million individuals, including a queen. The queen is responsible for colony reproduction. The other members of the colony are called worker ants. Worker ants, which can be as many as several million, serve the queen. The younger worker ants tend to care for the queen, while the older ones wander out to harvest food.

While most ants do not bite or sting, some can cause damage to food. Some species are known to damage structures. Carpenter ants, for example, can ruin the foundation of a home. Other types of ants, such as Pavement Ants, make their nests under rocks and pavements. Their food source is typically greasy food remnants and sugars. Many ants also make their homes in the basements of homes.

Identifying the infestation source

The first step to eliminating ant colonies is to identify the infestation source. Ants are often attracted to homes with accessible entrances. Old homes with cracks in the foundation and holes in the brickwork are prime candidates for ant infestations. Other common entry points for ants are poorly sealed windows and doors. If you have recently had a hot or humid summer, these factors may have contributed to your ant problem.

Why do we have an ant infestation?

Ants are a common problem in Las Vegas, especially during the warmer months. You may have noticed a few live ants crawling around the counters of your kitchen, or you might have noticed ants in your house that seem a bit bigger than usual. These signs may indicate a full-blown ant infestation.

How Do You Permanently Get Rid of an Ant Colony?

While you may be able to kill a single ant, this will not be a permanent solution to the problem. Ants leave behind chemical trails called pheromones, which attract other ants in the area. Ants use these chemicals to attract queens, who reproduce and send out worker ants to feed. Worker ants can live in cabinets, sinks, or on countertops.

One of the best ways to keep your ant problem in check is by hiring an Ant Exterminator in Las Vegas. Professionals can purchase insecticides in bulk and use the best products for a particular pest problem. In addition, they know what kind of ant is living on your property. Often, different species of ants require several products to kill them. Since you may not be familiar with these ant species, it is difficult to determine the right approach.

Hiring an ant exterminator

Hiring a professional ant exterminator is also a good idea if you see ants around the exterior of your house. It indicates that the ants are trying to colonize the home and are trying to spread. It is essential to contact a professional ant exterminator as early as possible. An exterminator will use safe, non-toxic green products to eliminate pests. They are also licensed by environmental and health agencies.

How to find the best ant exterminator

Ants are a common sight outdoors, but when they invade a home they can cause a lot of trouble. Proactive ant pest control is the only way to ensure your home is safe from them.

The best time to call in a professional is when the infestation is small enough to be easily identified. If you see trails of ants moving in and around a home, this is a good indication of an ant infestation. However, because ants are very good at hiding their nests, you may not be able to find them on your own. To get the best results, you should contact an expert exterminator.

Pesticide sprays and baits work in different ways to control ant colonies. Baits are placed in areas where ants are most likely to congregate. Baits are often the most effective for a more extensive infestation since they target the whole colony. Baits are also nontoxic, so they are a safe option for homeowners with children and pets.

Home remedy to eliminate ants

Tea tree oil

For a home remedy to kill ants, try mixing a few drops of tea tree oil in a quart of water and scattering it around the house. Another natural remedy is diatomaceous earth, a fine white powder that comes from crushed marine phytoplankton. It is harmless to humans but toxic to ants and other pests. It works by disrupting the digestive system of insects, and can also be applied to ant trails for a short time.

Another homemade remedy for ant problems is to place orange peels in a gallon jar of water and store it in a dark place. After a few days, it will have the desired effect of killing the colony and eliminating any signs of ants. Repeat the process if necessary.


One of the most common myths about ants is that you can eliminate them with chalk. However, this is not an effective way to permanently eliminate an ant colony. Although chalk can temporarily confuse ant trails, it doesn’t completely kill them. The natural chemicals found in orange peels will kill ants.

Diatomaceous earth

An alternative way to eliminate an ant colony is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the ant trail. This natural material contains calcium carbonate, which ants find very offensive. You can sprinkle it on your home baseboards, window sills, door thresholds, and cracks. It is a temporary solution, but you should reapply it after every rain or watering.

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